By the time you read this, New World will likely have a 3-hour downtime to apply fixes for item duplication issues that forced all players to temporarily halt wealth and item transfers.

In New World forum post Luxendra, Community Manager at Amazon Games, noted that Amazon Games understood that these features were critical to the overall quality of a player's life in New World and made it a priority to fix the issues that caused so much consternation in the New World Community.
In addition to all the inconvenience caused by disabling core features such as Trading Post, many domino effects began affecting player-upgraded services in settlements as companies that owned territories were unable to pay taxes to keep upgrades or make new upgrades to increase activity in their locations. Not to mention the damage that has already been caused by the already rampant bug-abuses that have been forced by the hands of Amazon Games, Amazon Games started introducing moderation of people who brazenly abused duplication bugs, which will hopefully be addressed in the latest patch,

The downtime as mentioned earlier is expected to last 3 hours, however it's worth mentioning that sometimes these things can vary depending on unexpected issues encountered during patching.

This downtime and patch do not include other fixes scheduled for this week, and we expect to hear about them later this week.

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