Nowy Świat starts on September 28! Release times and other launch details, including information on Twitch drops, were announced in a recent post on the official New World website. The official launch times are:

  • EU CEST Servers at 08:00 CEST (September 27 23:00 PT)
  • South America BRT servers start at 8:00 AM (September 28, 4:00 AM PT)
  • Australian servers start at 21:00 CET (September 28, 04:00 PT*)
  • 8am ET NA East Coast Server will go live (9/28 5am PT)
  • The West Coast servers will start up at 8am PT NA

You'll be able to receive twitch drops on launch day by joining the channels of streamers who participated in the Battle For New World event during the Closed Beta. Screenshots will be available for the first 2 weeks after New World launches. Drop Twitch consists of a Vinespun weapon skin. You can view a list of participating streamers by clicking here.

Some Prime Gaming content has also been announced. Amazon Prime members will be able to claim the New World Pirate Pack from September 28 to November 1. This pack includes an exclusive Pirate Character Skin and the Pirate Posture Emote, as well as 5,000 Signs of Fortune. The second Pirate Pack will be available on Prime Gaming from October 12 through November 1. It will include more exclusive pirate themed merchandise, including a pirate sword skin, a pierce throat emote, and a pack of 3 crests.


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