Amazon Games recently announced that character creation on the servers with the highest population was temporarily suspended. This prevents players from creating new characters on these servers in order to suppress the growing feeling of having to queue for unreasonable playtime.

Here is the full announcement:

As already mentioned, the "full" state is temporary and changes from hour to hour depending on the weight of the queue in which it is possible to get to it.

And for the sake of context, just days before the launch of New World, Amazon Games published it initial server offering to the public. With 176 separate places where players can call home players, expectations for server capacity were good. Amazon Games pointed out that the server capacity will increase even further when New World finally takes off. Although there is no official word on the number of player limits for servers from Amazon Games. It has been speculated that it will likely be around 2000, with many flocking to what appears to be a pseudo-official looking server status page that has various indicators on server status, queue times, player count, and breakdown of indicators on New World servers.


Recently, efforts by Amazon Games have been made to help alleviate problems with queue sometimes for servers. More than doubling the server capacity, it was not without a good deal of hiccups, but from New Worlds initial offering of 176 worlds we are currently up to 552 and climbing.

Amazon Games asked the community to consider expanding to other servers to alleviate queuing times, even offering players a free server transfer to the requested server over the next 2 weeks. What has recently been noticed is the different types of queues when connecting to the New World server. There seems to be a new player queue as well as a returning player queue. With this latest crowd control metric, Amazon hopes to gain control over queue sizes and improve the overall experience of entering the New World and gaming, we'll see how things develop! be sure to check out the further changes!