German youtubers Rocket Beans posted a New World video on August 23 in which they play the "friends and family" version. Leaking Blunderbuss! Below are screenshots of leaked photos and descriptions of some possible new weapons. Full Movie - (2) NEW WORLD # 3 - Die rechte & die linke Hand des Heilers | myth Simon & Dennis - YouTube

The first picture shows daggers under the category of one-handed weapons. The description describes them as a two-handed melee and throwing weapon.

Although both the dagger and the blunderbuss have placeholder images, you can see the filled sword or dagger image under the Dexterity stat with weapons that mostly scale by Dexterity.

The next two images show a new ranged weapon - Blunderbuss. From the second image, it looks like the Blunderbuss is the first ranged weapon to only scale with strength!

The images from the film seem to confirm that the sneaks from the Gamescom event are indeed the long-awaited Void Gauntlet. The image from the video shows a gauntlet grabbing a ring-like device, similar to the images from Gamescom.
Recent photos show that from now on, the Void Gauntlet will mostly scale on Intelligence and will have Focus as a secondary stat! This is displayed by the darker, more detailed image of the Void Gauntlet on the attribute above IN, while the holy, darker image of the gauntlet is above focus. This is in line with the trend of other weapons that have a 2 stat scaling!

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