The AGS published statement on the latest exploits, including statistics on the consequences for the game economy.

bad actors discovered through packet manipulation a bug that allowed players to duplicate coins and resources in the game - a similar attack on another game system has also been used recently in housing construction. Together, we permanently banned more than 1,200 players for these exploits, removing their items from the economy and canceling their auctions in retail outlets. We took decisive action against obvious bad actors for the first time on November 2, permanently banning the most blatant criminals' accounts, eliminating more than 80% of counterfeit coins and item values ​​from the economy.

The remaining cheated items still harm the experience of many players. This did not affect all players and worlds equally, and it did more to the players who pursued their endgame goals and equipment. We apologize for the impact this has had on some of our most dedicated players. It's depressing to see others cheat to get what you've worked so hard for while harming the economy. It took us a while to discover and identify where the items and coin landed, but as of November 15, we're pleased to announce that we've permanently banned 460 additional players from the original trade or newer housing exploits. Thanks to this, we were able to remove 98% of the remaining cheated items and coins in the game. The small amount of cheated items remaining was the result of players encountering the cheating issue but not taking an exploitative action and will not be banned.

We also explored how these cheated items affected the endgame progression. Our investigation did not show a significant increase in gears at the maximum level. The chart below shows that the number of players with even one gear at the maximum level is still quite low. We made a special deep jump into the Void Armor, and while some armor was cheated, most of it was banned from the game, and it's still a very rare item. We are still examining a narrower list of items related to the use of housing, and further permanent bans will be introduced there if necessary.

We are working to improve response times and be vigilant against players who violate our Terms of Service. Exploits will not be tolerated, and penalties can and will include permanent bans on players who use them. Our team works tirelessly to continue our investigations and prevent future fraud by improving or replacing game systems that may be attacked. Please keep reporting any issues you encounter and we will continue to take immediate action.

A big THANK YOU to members of our community for bringing this to our attention; we appreciate all the information you provide to keep you safe and fun at Aeternum! While it took a while to research and track down where the fake items were placed, our telemetry tracks all of these transactions, so rest assured we can and will find all the bad actors.

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