We’re going to have an update today at 1am Pacific Time to resolve some outstanding issues. Servers will be unavailable for approximately ~4 hours at this time.

  • Continued improvements on stability to mitigate server crashes
  • Audio for text to speech volume now controlled by Master Volume
  • If there are more than 1 world that meets the requirements for being a recommended world, then the user will be offered a random world from this list of worlds.
  • Text to speech messages stop being read the moment the setting is turned off.
  • Flickering fog will no longer be seen throughout Edengrove and Weaver’s Fen territories.
  • The northern Point of Interest boundaries for the Crescent Window now update when the player cross them, allowing users to discover Inkwell Cave from all sides.
  • Fishing will no longer cause crashes
  • Time needed to receive new Tradeskill Community Missions now has increased

Thank you for your patience and understanding!
-- Takyn