Over the past few days, an Amazon Games Studio support representative made a false statement about the Invasion mechanics. Amazon Games Studio has now corrected this information via a forum post from developer Chardis. Their full list can be seen below.

Hello everyone,

We wanted to clear up some inaccurate information about invasions and how they relate to downgrading territories. How far you will get to the invasion does not determine how many stations will be lowered if the invasion fails. The number of degradation of your territory in case of failure is directly related to the level of the territory of your settlement. The higher the territory level, the more discounts you will suffer if you fail. Successfully repelling an invasion will ensure that no upgrades are undone.

Individually, the more likely you are to get better rewards the more you bring to your team. So take part in the defense of your forts and make sure you give the Contaminated everything you have! We are looking at customizing the Invasion and appreciate the feedback we have received so far about this feature.



- CommanderAze