This resource was very easy to find during the Pre-Release Event. It fell from various crates and crates. But the developers changed the mechanics of getting it in the Beta version. Now Saltpeter can only be harvested from special nodes. Therefore, it is very difficult to find it now.

Note that you must have Pick to collect the knot. The knots look similar to the ore knots. You have to get close and start mining.

Tip: The auction price of Saltpetre can be quite high due to the lack of this raw material. Hard to find, but demand is always high. Therefore, grinding this raw material can bring you good money, especially in the beginning.

Saltpetre Knots can be found mainly in caves! There is no reason to look for nodes in forests. But not all caves in the New World have places to collect inside. One slot usually gives you 12-18 units of the resource.

You can find many harvesting nodes in the caves near the low-level starting locations. In these caves you can collect 400 - 500 units per hour if there are no other players there.

Torrentdawn Cave is a fun place to grow if you've landed in Fury Bay. You will find this cave near Windsward.