Last updated: September 26, 2021 with Open Beta


Greetings, Adventures!


on August 25, 2020, AGS gave players the chance to play in the New World Pre-premiere Tournament. A few months after the event, the Alpha servers went back online to allow select players to continue testing the game, and as part of this they decided to produce monthly Alpha patch notes for the public. The first set of patch notes titled Alpha Test Resumes gave us some insight into Legendary Weapon Quests.


on October 20, spears were added to Alpha and the questline for Heavensplitter. On December 15, great axes were added to the Alpha as the search for the Reformation was carried out. January 19 for the rapier Frozen Lament. With the last weapon added on April 20, the Ice Gauntlet, the legendary Rimelash weapon.


Now if you look at these weapons you'll see that Rimelash is the only weapon with all 5 perk slots filled, making it a truly legendary weapon. (Attribute, Slot, Perk 1, Perk 2 and Perk 3) All of the previous ones only have 4 perk slots filled, making them an epic weapon from when they were legendary. At some point between January 19 and April 20, AGS made the decision to change the rarity and never reverted to updating these legendary weapons to keep them legendary. So when people talk about a legendary quest weapon, they mean that weapon.


To unlock missions for these weapons, you must first complete introductory missions that start with Eintou Madaki in Mountainhome. The quest you want to unlock is called Madaki's Ruse because it's a quest that you need to get in order to get the molds for your weapons. In addition to these quests, you must have 20 Weapon Mastery in the weapon you wish to craft, otherwise the quest will not be offered.

When you have a quest, you are tasked with gathering quest materials so that the NPC creates a weapon for you. As these are quest materials, you can only start collecting items once per quest. This is not just a simple task, expect to spend a few hours collecting all your supplies. After collecting them all, you will give up the mission and get your "legendary" weapon!