Sieges are one of the high-level activities for guilds in MMORPG New World. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about how to take part and win in a Territorial War. You will learn how to declare war, how to conquer and defend a fort, what are the advantages of siege engines, how to use them and a lot of other important information.

While you can join a war at any level after joining a faction, we do not recommend joining this activity immediately. Wars are mainly for high-level players with good equipment. Better prepare first to be useful.


Each player represents one of the 3 main playable factions. These factions are hostile to each other and your Company (Guild) can attack territories of other factions. But you can't go and lay a siege just because you want to have fun. You must first weaken the chosen territory.

To weaken a selected territory, your faction must complete the required number of faction missions.

When a territory becomes weak enough, any company in your faction that meets certain requirements can declare war on that territory.

Company requirements

While each company and player can contribute to weakening enemy territory, not all guilds can declare war on their own. To participate in the war, Company members must contribute at least 10% to the progress of weakening enemy territory. As you can see, the preparation stage is very important.

One of the companies that declared war will be randomly selected as the Vanguard. The governor of the vanguard company will select players to participate in the siege. If there are not enough players in his own guild, he can invite other players from his faction.

The probability of being selected as the Vanguard depends on the guild's activity in faction missions. So if you are a guild leader, you should encourage your guild mates to take up and complete faction missions.


The war will take place at a certain time. The period of the war is determined by the defending Company.

If you've been selected to participate in an attack, you'll need to be online and ready to fight when the time comes. The game will automatically teleport you to the battlefield when the battle starts.


Siege targets

The attackers must use all their power to get to the fort and take over the fortress. But you can't rush to the gates and try to remove them immediately. First of all, attackers must capture the three Group Points in front of the Fort. After capturing these points, the gates of the fort become vulnerable to attacks.


Sieges in the New World

Note: The collection points are very important as they serve as respawn points and access to the Armory. They cannot be recovered once captured. If the defenders lose a point, it will be forfeited in this siege forever. Therefore, the defending side must protect these points!

If the attackers manage to lay siege, they will take ownership of all territory, including the settlement and the fort.


Siege weapons and supplies

Both sides have special siege equipment to help them fight the war. But the rules for capturing these machines are different for attackers and defenders.

Defenders get siege equipment for free. But the power of the machines depends on how well players upgraded them through City Projects prior to the siege. Therefore, if you are on the defending side, try to pay enough attention to leveling your siege weapons.

But during the fight, the defenders receive special Supplies that are used to repair the structure. Supplies are generated automatically in Siege Supply Generators.

Attackers don't need any preparation; can buy siege machines at the War Camp. These machines will cost Battle Tokens that can be obtained for various actions on the battlefield.

NOTE: this equipment is a very important part of the war. DON'T IGNORE IT! Deals high damage and sometimes adds additional effects to enemy players. Therefore, you need to master all the equipment and know when to use it.


Attacking weapons:

Cannon Low rate of fire. Deals a lot of damage to structures. Effective against walls, gates and machines. Slow.
Fire Launcher average rate of fire. Deals good AoE damage to players. Very effective for crowd control against ranged enemies.
Relay High rate of fire. Deals low damage but fires very fast. Effective against a single target.

Weapons of the Defenders

Ballista Low rate of fire. Deals a lot of damage to structures. Effective against walls, gates and machines. Slow.
Explosive cannon Low rate of fire. Deals damage and knocks back players. Effective at crowd control.
Repeating turret High rate of fire. Deals low damage but fires very fast. Effective against a single target.
Fire dropper Low rate of fire. He pours burning oil on the heads of enemies. Deals high damage over time.
Horn of Immunity Gives all allies a temporary buff to healing and increases players' defense. Has a long cooldown. Use it on time!

Weapons accessible to both sides:

The weapon is available to both attackers and defenders. These weapons can be purchased with Battle Tokens. You must be in combat to get these tokens.

Powder keg Deals huge damage, but must be set on fire and takes time to explode. It will not explode if destroyed. Better to destroy this thing ASAP if you see it.
Hell Mine Detonates when the enemy gets close. Cover an area with fire, dealing high damage. Very effective against players.

As you can see, there are all kinds of machines and devices that make the war even more fun. It is important to use up all this equipment on time!



  • Level up and get some good gear before jumping in. You'll face a lot of high-level players and it's not fun to respawn every minute…
  • If you are on the defending side, pay attention to City Projects. They can help strengthen the Fort.
  • Prepare yourself before taking part in the siege. Make sure you have enough ammo, potions, and repair kits. Make sure your armor and weapons are 100% repaired.
  • Try to act in a group. Running solo is usually not a good idea. You can be a great PvP player, but 3 enemies will most likely destroy you. Group> Solo.
  • Don't forget to buy and use siege equipment. It can help your alliance win.