How to play:

To queue for Rush to the station, you must first reach level 60 and go to any settlement or outpost. You can queue at the Rush to the station NPC in the settlement and queue up solo or in a group of up to 5 players. As long as 32 players have joined the queue, you will be able to start. After starting, you will be transferred to Nauthynos Island to start the battle.

Once on the island, each team will start in their own fortress. Between the two forts are the three outposts Luna, Sol and Astra. Each of the outposts can be captured by standing at the checkpoint in the center of the outpost. Your squad will earn points for maintaining outposts and killing enemy players.

Holding an outpost gives 1 point every 3 seconds, and killing a player is worth 1 point per kill. You also drop resources upon death that the enemy team can pick up if you've collected them. The first team to 1000 points wins the match.

Rewards will include reward chests in Rush to the station that will reward players with a variety of items, including a unique set of Rush to the station-specific armor and weapons that will appear as rare chest items.


There are several objectives on the map that will give your team an advantage and help them win the game.

  • Baroness Hain (The Frozen Ghost) is a powerful creature that appears every 10 minutes. The team that deals the Baroness's killing blow will be rewarded with a strong buff that increases health regeneration and defense for the next 3 minutes. It will also block an enemy's score, preventing them from scoring points from outposts or killing them for 3 minutes. Winning the Baroness goal can quickly turn the tide of Outpost Assault.

  • Turret stands are located in each fort along with the Astra and Luna outposts. These locations have an outer tower stand that can be used for assault and defense of outposts. These turrets must be constructed by the team controlling the outpost or fort to which they are connected.

  • The Corrupted Portal is guarded by corrupt creatures. Your squad can break through corrupted enemies and donate the Essence of Mercury to the portal. When a team deposits 500 Azoth Essence in the portal, it will be activated and the Brute Summoning Totem will be awarded to the player who made the last deposit which increased the total to 500.

  • The player who earned the summoning totem may go to the Summoning Circle to use it. The Summoning Circles are located in various key locations on the map and are stone platforms that allow any player who has acquired a totem to summon a monstrous ally to defend that location from enemy players.

Resources Goals

As you explore the island of Nauthynos, you'll be able to gather resources that will help your team win the game. These resources are used to fortify your outposts, so they are an integral part of winning a match in Rush to the station. There are 4 resources your team will want to collect (see above for locations)

  • Infused Hide: The Wolfholes are home to several wolves, including the huge Alpha Wolf which will provide a large amount of Infused Hide. Infused Hide can be used with other resources (see below) to strengthen your outpost.
  • Saturated Wood: Ancient Groves are areas with a high concentration of Saturated Trees. These areas are protected by aggressive Dryads that you must kill to gain access to the resource.
  • Infused Ore: Infused Ore Mines is the only place where you'll be able to find and mine veins of saturated ore. The mines are overrun by corrupt ogres, including the corrupt ogres Ug and Dug, who guard the largest vein of saturated ore. If you kill an Uga or Dug, it will give you an explosion of Mercury and a totem summoning wraiths.
  • Azoth Essence: Each non-player enemy killed drops Azoth Essence. This essence can be used in a Corrupted Portal to obtain a Summoning Ward.

Outpost improvements

After taking over the facility, the team can collect the above resources to build and improve various structures. All structures can be destroyed by the enemy, so it is important that they are well repaired.

  • The gates keep the enemy from entering the outpost and can be upgraded twice, making them stronger with each upgrade
  • Security Wards prevent facility capture and provide a respawn point for the owning team.
  • Siege weapons can be built on any outpost's defensive walls.
  • A command post can be built to provide your party with increased damage and armor. Your Command Post can be upgraded twice, increasing it with each upgrade and increasing buffs.


By default, each post has structures that can be used by the controlling team.

  • The Armory will allow players to spend Azoth (obtained by defeating mobs and participating in PvE activities in Rush to the station) to purchase potions, gunpowder barrels, ammo, bear summon wards (used to summon a bear ally) and food bonuses.
  • Storage sheds will allow players to add saturated materials, and Mercury will be able to share with his team. If you can't build something, you can donate to the shed so that the enemy team can't get your resources if they kill you.

Knowledge of rushing to the station

Nauthynos Island lies off the coast along the remote and inaccessible northwest coast of Aeternum. The island was formed by the mighty eruption of Mercury from under the rock of the ancient sea.

Over the millennia, the eruption deposited rich resources from the seabed all over the island and created an isolated tropical paradise. Not only that, but the source of the eruption, Mercury's earth line penetrated the island's ground, causing the natural, flowing geysers of pure Mercury. Over the years, these geysers have declined, but the legacy remains - pure Azoth often rises to the surface and can be found in many of the island's long-standing flora and fauna.

To capture this Azoth, the Ancients built a group of Ziggurats and ancient machines designed to collect the sacred substance, which were then diverted to a series of warehouses hidden among the island's jungle and cliff walls. To protect their vast stores of Mercury, the Ancients installed defensive fortifications and mystical traps that can twist the laws of nature. While the island can be dangerous, both the resources and the technology it contains would be of unparalleled strategic value to anyone who could keep control of them.

Over the years, some have tried to settle in the region in order to use its resources long-term, but sometimes, in unpredictable ways, the island is inexplicably flooded by a wave of water from the surrounding sea. Ancient structures are built to withstand floods, but long-term human fortifications are not, hence any man-made structures on the island today are temporary at best. Many dangers lurk among the ruins of the island, the Wrathful Earth, the Contaminated and natural beasts have grown and become wilder, and those who came to rule and conquer but now walk the earth as vengeful spirits. A new generation has entered this landscape; search for treasures, knowledge of the unknown and Mercury's power.