How to check?
You can check how many parts you currently have by opening your inventory. Look at the lower right part of the screen under the bags section. The number of pieces is displayed there between the gold balance and the Mercury counter.

As you can see, the cap value is 2,000, so you can't have more even if you want to. It's nice that they don't take up space in your inventory and don't reduce the weight you can carry.

How to get to?
Most resources in the New World can be found or purchased. But it's not about repair parts. They cannot be bought or found! You can only get them by saving various items. You can salvage almost any type of equipment in the game.

  1. Open your inventory and find the item you want to save.
  2. Hover over it and press "S" + LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to destroy it.
  3. Done, you have received more parts to repair and now you can try to repair your equipment.

Remember that the origin of the item does not matter. You can save it no matter where you got it from.

Therefore, if you need to get repair parts quickly, you can buy some weapons or armor from another player and save them right away.

Each time you save, you get a different number of parts. Sometimes you will get 1 and sometimes 3 of similar items.

Do not throw away unnecessary equipment! We advise you to save all possible items if you want to have enough resources to repair your equipment.