So you are in Aeternum for the first time on the beach and wondering how you should level up your first character. Here are some quick tips to get you started!

• Complete all missions in this starting area. We want as much experience as possible from here when we get to town, so make sure you complete all the quests here.

• Craft all your level 1 tools - One of the first tasks will ask you to craft a skinning knife. When collecting materials for this knife, collect a few extra pieces of flint and twigs so that you can make a full set of collecting tools.

• If you can see hyssop, pick it up! Hyssop will be used to create potions for us, which will be very important. The reason why gathering here is very important is because first, there is a lot of material here to help you start leveling up, and we'll have to collect as we level up, and as we level up, it goes faster as you level up.


Now that we start leveling up, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Don't be afraid of fall damage! - This means you can jump freely from crazy heights to make your journey faster as you move from one place to another.
  • Pick up papers - Knowledge pages provide experience when you read them for the first time and also contain cool knowledge.
  • When you reach level 5, put on a different weapon - This will allow you to start canceling the animation after dodging using the weapon swap method, which will allow you to move faster. Also, if you decide to swap the sword and shield, make sure you remove the shield as this will add weight to your armor. Also, be sure to deconstruct any additional armor, weapons, or tools you have as this will give us parts to repair our equipment. If you don't know how to do this, you can do so by right-clicking on the weapon you want to deconstruct and just follow the prompt.
  • Dodge requires at least 1 stamina. - This means that even if a dodge requires 50 hit points, you can wait a fraction of a second after the first dodge to reach 51 hit points and dodge 2 more times.


There are a few things I keep in mind when choosing where to put my attribute points.

  • Consider the Constitution! - A 50-point stamina boost increases your health pool by 20%. I also like to stack up the Constitution, it will allow you to go through the history easily. It may seem very strange, but mobs hurt a lot and if you put points into the constitution you can start pulling large herds of mobs and killing them very easily.
  • Optimize Attributes Thresholds - these can be seen on the Attributes page and are 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 for each attribute.


How do I spend region points?

  • Concentrate one region as an alignment region. - In this region, whenever I am given an opportunity to gain experience as a reward, I take it. The reason I have a leveling region is because once you hit 60 this stat is almost useless, so I'm trying to make a region like Monarch's Bluff or Bright Wood the place where I really focus on advancing in the early levels.
  • Faster to Collect - You'll be collecting a lot in the New World, and it's a quality-of-life perk that will be amazing once you start putting points into it.
  • Storage. - After my containment points, I just fill in the rest as I consider appropriate for each region. Some regions may have the best market, so I'm starting to stack lower taxes, but this may vary by region. The reason I have a leveling region is because when you hit 60 this stat is almost useless, so I'm trying to create a region like Monarch's Bluff or Bright Wood where I really focus on advancing in the early levels.


Now that we have a good baseline for our character, let's talk about questing and leveling gear.

  • When it comes to questing, I choose every quest I can. - I don't always complete all the quests, but I make sure that I can do as many quests as possible in an area.
  • You can complete the mission from any city. - Each city you go to will have quests for all levels, so if you get stuck try going to a new city for more quests.
  • Complete the faction mission! - Around level 8 or 9 you will be able to choose your faction. This is important as it unlocks faction quests and allows you to join a guild.
  • After unlocking the faction quests, I begin to prioritize these quests, as well as quests from the main storyline. - Each city has a faction representative and you can complete 3 missions per day to receive additional rewards. This way you will get most of your leveling gear. The currency you get while completing these quests can be used to get great gear, so use this to your advantage. Once you get the equipment you need, I only go back to doing 3 quests a day in each city - it's best to do them in large groups. The reason these missions are best done in groups is because the bottom 3 missions give you the most rewards and you need to be flagged for PVP to complete them.


There are a few things to keep in mind when buying gear from a faction vendor.

  • Each piece of merchant equipment has a constitution and different statistics. - Light armor means intelligence, medium armor - agility, and heavy armor - strength.
  • If that's not your main stat, don't worry. - You can buy a rune from the faction merchant to change this equipment item to the required stats by using this rune and 50 azoths on the crafting station.


When you get closer to level 25, we can stop completing tasks and start grinding mobs. This can be done in 1 of 2 ways.

  • The first way is to start grinding the dungeons. - You can complete the quest and quickly run through the lower tier dungeons giving you a decent experience.
  • The second way is to grind dungeons on land. - These are basically dungeons that have elite mobs and are not instances. The first is Deadman's Cove in the southwest of Monarch's Bluffs. This will be one of the fastest ways to level weapons and characters. There is at least a dungeon or a ground dungeon in each zone, so make sure you go to each one to grind your levels.


From now on, we'll be doing the same loop, always focusing on the main story and faction quests when we need to prepare. We'll also be doing all the missions in the areas we're nearby and grinding mobs in dungeons or land dungeons until 60. If you start to get bored make sure you kill some broken nitrogen portals and a pretty good experience. The most important part of leveling up is having fun. It will take some time to get to 60, and the rush can be exhausting and burnout if you only do what is fastest or what is always considered "best". As I level up I always find time to do things like pvp, messing with other guild members, claiming forts, and just any other fun stuff that might be viewed as unproductive. Enjoy leveling up as much as possible and reach your destination in your own time.




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