While in a faction, you can mark PvP in any settlement by entering the settlement and pressing the default 'U' key. Upon activation, a PvP cooldown timer appears upon leaving the settlement. After this time has elapsed, you can be attacked, or at any time, attack other flagged players who are in the opposite faction in the open world.

The PvP tick incentives are as follows:

  • You will gain experience, faction tokens, and item rewards when you kill another player in the open world. It is important to note that the killed player does NOT drop any items. Rewards are based on how long the player lived while flagged, and rewards will only drop once the minimum threshold is reached.
  • During the flag, you can participate in PvP faction missions, which will reward you with faction tokens, experience and help your faction undermine enemy territory.

Being tagged as PvP will also take 50% less endurance damage when you die for another player. This applies to both the items you've equipped and the gear you have in your backpack.

Also for the PvP flag, selecting a respawn in a camp activates a gradually increasing respawn cooldown. If you choose to respawn elsewhere, such as a settlement, the cooldown will continue to run in the background. If you die while your cooldown is counting down, your time increment will be added to your current value. This makes respawning in a settlement and returning to combat a good way to reduce your camp's cooldowns.

Faction Control Points

Another form of open-world PvP in New World is faction checkpoints. Faction checkpoints are located inside a fort in each territory. This type of PvP is very different from sieges. Anyone can enter the fort at any time, being tagged as PvP in the open world and contesting a faction checkpoint in the territory.

Players can claim these points with more members of their faction at the point than other factions. Conquered forts will remain conquered until another faction captures the fort itself or wins the territory war.

  • You must be flagged to enter a captured fort and try to take control of your faction.
  • It takes 5 minutes for a single player to capture a fort, and the time required decreases as more people are added. A full group of 5 people will score a point in 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
  • Checkpoints will be activated 60 minutes after the end of the war or invasion
  • Checkpoints Fort provides members of the faction with a 5% increase in experience gained and a 20% increase in influence in this territory.

Each fort has a unique global bonus provided by its controlling faction:

  • First Light - Reduces fast travel weights costs from 5 azoth to 10 weights to 1 nitrogen per 10 weights for a control fraction.
  • Monarchs Bluff - Reduces fast travel costs from 5 Nitrogen per 100 meters to 1 Nitrogen per 100 meters for fraction control.
  • Windsward - Increases the amount of items obtained by gathering by 5% for the controlling faction.
  • Everfall - Reduces trade taxes by 5% for the controlling faction.
  • Brightwood - Reduces housing taxes by 5% for the controlling faction.
  • Cutlass Keys - Reduces the base cost of fast travel in Azoth by 50% for the controlling faction.
  • Weavers Fen - Increases Coins, Experience, Territory Reputation, and Faction Token rewards from faction missions by 5% for controlling factions.
  • Restless Shore - Increases the Coins, Experience, and faction token rewards for Tainted Gaps by 5% for the controlling faction.
  • Mourningdale - Increases Coin rewards and Expedition experience by 5% for controlling factions.
  • Ebonscale Reach - Reduces refining taxes by 5% for the controlling faction.
  • Reekwater - Reduces crafting taxes by 5% for the controlling faction.

It is important to note that there are participation limits in the area near the forts to ensure that faction checkpoint battles do not harm server performance. The limit is 25 people per faction that can be near the fort, which means that you can fight 75 people in these battles at any time.