The inventory in the game is not large at all. If you take on more weight than your character can bear, you will lose the ability to run. You will be moving too slowly to get to the nearest retailer to sell something.

Luckily, you don't need to keep all your gear, resources, and other items in your bag. In New World MMORPG there is a special compartment where you can store items that you do not need at the moment. Only your character can access this store. It's like your own banking cell.

Where to find
Personal Vault can be found at any Settlement. Just open the Settlement map and find your bank icon there.

All players have access to their bank cells from the same places on the map. There is no dedicated space for each player. Don't worry if you see someone standing near your bank doing something. He's browsing his own magazine. Another player cannot take or put anything in your safe.

Item management
Go to the place where the repository is located and activate it. You will see an interface with two global "areas" on the screen. The repository window is on the left and your inventory is on the right. You can drag and drop items from one area to another to take or store them.

If you want to put something from your inventory into the bank, just drag and drop it from your inventory.

Don't forget that this bank doesn't have endless free space. It also has limitations. If you put too much in there, you won't be able to add new items. Therefore, we recommend throwing away or recovering things that you no longer need.

Do not turn your safe into a garbage can. If there are too many items, you can accidentally skip the required item.

How to enlarge?
At the moment, we do not have any information on how to enlarge the warehouse space. This information will be added later when the game is available.