Both editions can be purchased on Amazon or Steam. Remember that if you buy the game on Amazon, you will receive a Steam key anyway, which you will have to activate later in the Steam client. The price difference between the Standard and Deluxe Editions is just $ 10$.

Here's what you'll get in both versions:

  • Closed Beta Access. Any player who pre-ordered will be automatically transitioned to the beta. Forget about the Alpha key gifts…
  • Isabel's amulet. Gives extra damage when fighting certain types of supernatural enemies, and also provides additional resistance to weather attacks. This is a cool piece of jewelry for the early game when you don't have a lot of gear.
  • Unique title. All players who pre-order the game will receive the title of 'Expedition One.
  • The fist strike emote.
  • Guild crests set. Three unique guild crests featuring axes, muskets and armor.

Here are the EXCLUSIVE bonuses for Deluxe Edition owners. These bonuses are only available to players who purchase the deluxe edition of the MMORPG New World:

  • The skin of the forester's armor. This is a cosmetic item that turns your appearance into a lumberjack.
  • Forester's ax skin. Special leather for the ax. Cosmetic thing.
  • Mastiff domestic pet. The pet becomes available after purchasing the house. He will be guarding your home, and it looks like you won't be able to take him away from home.
  • A set of Rock / Paper / Scissors emoticons. Only a set of new emotes.
  • A digital book on New World art. A collection of amazing concept art from creating the New World.

As you can see, all the items you get in the Deluxe Edition are not "pay to win". You will not get any in-game advantage if you buy it. You will only get a few cosmetic items, a nice pet, emoticons and a digital artbook (which will eventually be available for download on the Internet sooner or later).

Is the Deluxe Edition worth the money? You decide. Paying $ 10 for cosmetics and a pet is not much. But still, if you're limited in money, you won't lose anything if you decide to go with the Standard edition. You will get the same game and won't feel like someone has an advantage over you.

As for me, I bought the deluxe version simply because I want to know everything about the game. If I wasn't the administrator of a site related to New World, I would most likely choose the standard version.

Q: Is there a way to upgrade to the more expensive version to get all possible cosmetics?

A: There is no information on this at the moment. We can assume that there will be a store in the game where you can buy these cosmetics. But you will most likely have to pay over $ 10 to get these skins, pets, and emotes.