One of the most important skills for earning coins is being able to notice what is happening around you. Sometimes you can discover very cool deals or deals. This is very important, especially at the beginning of the game when the economy is not stable. Pay attention to what is happening with the economy in the game and react quickly.


There are several ways to fill your bag with cash in the game. They all have a different profitability and take a different amount of time.

Completing missions is the first and most obvious way to earn coins. Each completed task will give you some gold and experience points. You can undertake new quests in settlements.

This method is not the fastest and you will have to spend a lot of time before you can earn enough. We don't recommend this method as the main one simply because it doesn't give you enough rewards and takes a long time.

Selling loot
While completing tasks and exploring the world, you meet many enemies. You can kill them, collect loot and sell them to vendors. The enemy can even drop an item that suits your playstyle, and you'll be able to swap out your old gear for a new one without buying it.

The downside is that low-tier loot is way too cheap. At first, you won't be able to earn a decent income with this method.

Collecting resources
the world of Aethernum is full of various collecting nodes. You can collect resources like wood, stone, steel or something more expensive and sell them to other players. If you have a lot of resources, you can earn some decent money, especially if the resources you offer aren't that easy to find. Players always need different crafting materials.

There are two basic collection strategies that you can focus on:

  • Only collect rare resources. They are often harder to come by, but the price for each item / stack is usually high. The downside is that you get access to rare resources when you level up a bit.
  • Collect items on a low or medium level. This is usually a lot easier to get, but the stack reward is also lower.

Before you make your way to the nearest collection node and start your way to the millions, do a few calculations. Find out what resources are needed on your server and follow this information.

Good to Know: Usually when an MMO is launched, the economy on the servers is out of balance. Prices can be very high even for low-quality items. Pay attention to the market and don't miss the opportunity. If you think something is too expensive and you have it in your inventory, don't think too long. Sell ​​it before the price goes down.

Craft is a very difficult way to earn money in the early stages. Advancing a profession build requires resources, and it will be difficult to sell something for a good price when your crafting skills are low. But the more you progress, the better items you can make. The best artisans can earn a lot of gold.

Tip: If you've been playing this game from the very beginning, try to level up your profession as quickly as possible to become one of the few people who can craft high-level items. You will have a lot of clients and you will receive a lot of coins for your work.

Profession leveling is much easier if you are a member of a guild and help other players. Try to find people who also want to equalize other professions and negotiate with them. Tell them that you will be helping them with resources for their professions and ask them for help in return. It can work. You can even try to find a dedicated crafting guild. Social contacts can be of great help in the New World.

Which profession is the most profitable? We cannot answer that question now because it is too early to judge. We will add the division later.

Using faults and bugs
Every new game has bugs and sometimes these bugs can make you get a lot of money quickly. We do not recommend using any financial glitches as it puts your account at risk. You can suddenly be banned forever and all your progress will be gone. Sooner or later, all bugs will be found and the players who used them will be banned.

Note: We're not saying there are money problems in the New World MMORPG! Hopefully they were all fixed during the alpha testing. We just warn you not to use them if you find them.