Complete Leveling Guide for New World 1-60


There are many different ways to advance in the New World. The level cap is 60 and you can get there by completing Quests, City Board Missions, Faction Missions, Broken Portals, Expeditions, and more. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with an effective way to reach level 60.


In this guide you will find:

Video version of the guide (coming soon)

Breakdown of the range of levels

General leveling guidelines

Level rewards

Full leveling guide for the following level ranges:

Levels 1-5

Levels 5-9

Levels 9-18

Levels 18-23

Levels 23-30

Levels 30-40

Levels 40-48

Levels 48-53
Levels 53-60


Breakdown of the range of levels

This guide will be broken down into several different sections summarized below. The full sections of each level range provide details and hints to help you progress through the levels quickly.


  • 1-5
    • follow the main story on the beach
  • 5-9
    • Go to the nearest settlement and continue the main (tutorial) quests. Join faction
  • 9-18
    • Advance missions to level 12. Advance the main story and other missions until you get the Staff of Azoth from the main storyline.
  • 18-23
    • PvP and PvE faction missions, side missions and missions on the city board
  • 23-30
    • Amrine Expedition (up to 30 if possible), Elite mobs in Dead Man's Bay, Broken Portals (if available)
  • 30-40
  • 40-48
    • Main story quest, The Depths, Restless Shore missions, Corrupted Portals, Eridanus Grind
  • 48-53
    • Great Fission Quests (optional), side quests connected to the main storyline in Edengrove, Stoja Svikina Grind
  • 53-60
    • Ebonscale Reach zone quests, Dynasty Shipyard, main story quest in Shattered Mountain

General leveling guidelines


  • Make sure to complete all beach quests when you respawn. They must be completed in order to continue the quests in the settlement.
  • Make sure you pick up the knowledge pages when you see them. They give a decent amount of experience, especially in the early levels.
  • Make sure you have collected enough materials when leveling up to level 12 to reach level 30 in collecting. You will need 30 harvests to collect Rivercress for part of the main storyline. Leveling your harvest will save you a lot of time from getting stuck on this particular task.
  • Mine enough ore to raise the mining level to level 10 in the earlier levels. You will need 10 mining to mine silver for one of the quests.
  • Upon completing the first 3 faction missions of the day, you will receive a 200% XP bonus.
  • Missions on the city board have a 30-minute timer, so choose them every 30 minutes or as close as possible.
  • When starting the main story quest starting with Yonas, level 12, consider stationing in Windsward. When starting the Hermit quest on a level, make sure you select a fast travel point in this area. You will make frequent use of this point. Make sure you empty your inventory as much as possible before the fast travel to save Mercury.

  • Stick to the main storyline. In the main storyline you'll hit points that will require a higher level before proceeding, but it's important not to stray too much from the main quest path and where it takes you.
  • The main story quest will reward you with the staff of Azoth, which is an essential part of the game and an important part of leveling up. Make sure you get it.
  • Elite and PvP zones are solid ways to master weapons quickly.


Level rewards


5 - Second weapon slot; Survivalist Quest (unlocks the capture camp quest)

10 - Skill duel with other players; First place for a bag

15 - Improvement of the camp level (Tier II); Third place for consumables

20 - ring seat; Unlock the main story quest to get Azoth's Staff

25 - Level upgrade Camp (Tier III); Fourth slot for consumables

30 - Second place for a bag; Unlock the main story mission to get the Staff of Mercury upgrade

35 - Unlocks the ability to buy a second house

40 - Earring socket; Unlock the main story quest to get the Staff of Mercury upgrade; Improving the camp (Tier IV)

45 - Place for the third bag

50 - May be involved in invasion

55 - Unlocks the option to buy a third house; Upgrading the camp (Tier V)

60 - May participate in Outpost Rush


Levels 1-5


When you first spawn in Aeternum, a short tutorial will appear. If you don't want to go through the tutorial, you can skip it right after you get the box from Captain Thorpe. Press ESC and select "Skip to New World”.

Remember that if you want to get the free sword level, you can stay in the tutorial and make your way to the enemy shield just before the path up the mountain. After killing a shielded enemy, you will receive a sword skill point. Then you can go to the tutorial or go to the New World.


After the tutorial, you will land on Aeternum Beach. There are 4 possible starting locations:


The first light


The monarch's bluff

On the wind


It's important to point out that each starting zone is basically the same until you hit the right settlement. You cannot choose your starting location. It is selected randomly when creating a character.


Also very important: do not run straight to the settlement when spawning on the beach. If you do, you'll have to run back to the beach and complete the quests before you can take on any quests in the settlement. DO NOT skip beach activities.


Once on the beach, you will want to immediately run to the questgiver of the main storyline in the watchtower. It will be marked on your map, so you can press the default "M" key to see where it is.


At this point, it is recommended that you stick to the main story quests on the beach if you are trying to advance successfully. You don't want to stop along the way to collect excess items or kill excess mobs, except for a few things listed below.


However, you'll want to stop and collect extra flint and wood so you can make tools by the fire before heading out to the settlement. You'll need 4 flint and 4 wood to craft items, but having a few more won't hurt. Crafting and equipping these tools will allow you to gather the necessary materials for the later task, once you reach the city. This will make it impossible for you to accept the quest, leave the city, gather materials and return. You can just collect them by going to town.


Another handy thing to get when you complete beach quests are herbs. They are used to craft weak health potions and will come in handy at some early levels. You can also collect Bulrush Cob along the edge of the water if you come across it. It is also used to create Weak Health Potions.


As you progress through the main storyline, Beach will tell you exactly where to go and what to do. These are very easy and uncomplicated tasks that will get you up to level 5 very quickly. Once you complete them, the quest will send you to the nearest settlement.


Levels 5-9


When entering the settlement, use the tools you crafted earlier by the campfire to collect 40 stones, 40 green wood and 16 raw leather. As mentioned above, these materials will be used in one of the quests in the city and it will be much more efficient to collect them when you go there for the first time.


There will also be a side quest on the way to the city. If you can accept this quest and gather the necessary materials fairly quickly without taking too long, then take the quest and finish it. If there are too many people in the area to complete them quickly, just head to the city to continue the main story quest.


When you reach the city, a green marker will appear on your map. This is the mission turn marker from the last beach mission. Go there and give your mission. This will open up the rest of the quests in the city.


These tasks are basically tutorial tasks. They are very simple to complete and require little explanation. You will simply visit an inn, market, warehouse, etc. Quests will guide you through where to go and what to do.


Completing these quests is very important because by completing them you'll also gain access to your camp and be able to choose your faction. This will allow you to join the company and flag for PvP. Flagging in PvP is optional, but it's important to note that you will get extra experience for being flagged and get experience for killing other players. PvP is also a great way to upgrade your weapons.


While flagging in PvP will give you more XP, the risk of dying and wasting time is also a factor. Reporting or not is a personal preference that develops.


Quests in the settlement do not take too long and after completing them they will lead you to around level 9. After completing them, you should now have a selected faction.


Make sure you complete your first faction mission to unlock the ability to accept faction missions moving forward.


Levels 9-18


At this point, you'll want to travel to Windsward. There, pick up the available side missions in the settlement, faction missions and city board missions. Start a loop through these tasks until you reach level 12.


When doing the quest loop, make sure to increase your harvest to 30. You will need 30 harvest to complete the quest at around level 14-16 for the main story. Also mine ore along the way to increase your mining to at least level 10 so you can mine silver ore for a later level 15-20 mission


Once you reach level 12, you will be able to visit Yonas (old man by the river) to start the main storyline. As you progress through the main storyline, make sure to complete side quests, faction missions, and city board missions to keep up with the requirements of the main quest level. Missions on the city board reset every 30 minutes.


Don't stray too far to complete a side quest, faction mission, or city board mission. Try to stick to the main story path as much as possible.


The main storyline makes you travel around Aeternum, but it's important to push through the main story quest. Make sure you collect Fast Travel Points (you can find them here by filtering by City and Other and Spirit Shrine) and enter nearby settlements to get Fast Travel Points there as well.


Continue main plot, side quest, faction quest, quest loop on the city board until you can complete the kill quest Ezra the Forgemaster. Here, you will need the mining skill, discussed earlier in this guide.


As part of the main story quest, you must obtain the sacred cross pieces for Azoth's staff. You need to get 5 silver bars for the crossbar of Mercury's staff


After obtaining the ingots, you must complete the "Argent and Aerther" quest. You must visit Temple of Amrine to forge a crossword puzzle from Azoth's Staff. Here you will kill Ezra the Forgemaster. After defeating the mob, you need to go to the forge in the corner and create an item. Then go back to the hermit.


Now you will be able to forge your Mercury Staff. Recruiting staff is essential. It will be used extensively during the remainder of the alignment process. Just go to the Shattered Obelisk, take the stairs to the first entrance and forge the staff in the forge in front of you.


You will then be able to return to the hermit, and by this point you should be around level 18.


Levels 18-23


If you get the staff of Azoth at level 18, you'll want to grind to level 23. Level 23 is a key level as you'll unlock the ability to gain access to Amrine's Excavation. You will be able to complete the Bones for Barkimedes repeatable quest and then you will be able to continue the main storyline with the quest Destiny Revealed.


To go from level 18 to level 23, the best solution is to combine PvP and PvE faction missions, side quests and city board missions. You'll want to do this in Windsward to unlock the Ascending Tools side missions that lead to the Clear Sight quest. Seeing Clearly is an additional task that you will be able to complete during the Amrine Expedition. If you already have this quest ready, you will be able to save a lot of time and gain some more XP when you first start Amrine.


While in Windsward Settlement, accept the city board missions that will be worth the XP, grab all the faction missions (if you'd rather not do PvP missions that's fine, just know it will take a little longer to level up) and all available side quests. Open your map, draw a route with the quest markers on the map so you can easily complete one task and move to another without having to travel the long path between tasks.


It is not recommended to grind mobs at this level. There aren't really any good elite areas that are appropriate and make sense for your level, so stick with the above-mentioned quests until you hit level 23.


Levels 23-30

Once you reach level 23 you'll want to head to Amrine's Excavation Site. If you have access to enough tuning bullets, running Amrine multiple times to get to level 30 is perfect. You can schedule a group in advance to have lots of balls. When you use your orb, it will be used up and you'll have to get another one or find someone who has it. Planning with your group ahead of time will help you save tons of time looking for a group or someone who has a tuning ball.


However, you must make sure that you visit Deadman's Cove in Monarch's Bluff at least once a day during this leveling up phase to earn Elite Crates with great loot. Deadman's Cove is an open elite area full of lost mobs. Between the races, Amrine is also ideally suited to the city council's mission. They reset every 30 minutes.


Also, before reaching level 30, make sure you have gone to Everfall and completed the side quests to receive the quest Star GuidedStar CenterForeman's Book. These missions are commissioned by William Heron The Foreman's Ledger is a mission for Amrine that must be completed to unlock the next Starstone Barrows mission that you will need for the next leveling phase. Completing the foreman's book will also reward you with another tuning orb for Amrine, allowing you to continue running after Amrine.


Upon entering Amrine, make sure you have the Destiny Uncovered Quest from the Hermit so you can continue the main story, and make sure you receive the Bones Repeatable Quest for Barkimedes from Barkimedes who is sitting right in front of the dungeons. You should also have the Seeing Clear quest mentioned above from Windsward, and at some point you should get and complete the Foreman's Ledger quest.

If you run out of tuning orbs, you can assemble a group and turn to Deadman's Cove to crush some levels. It is also a great place to become a weapon mastery.


You also have the option to run damaged portals if they are available. They'll give you a decent amount of experience, decent loot for your level, lots of Mercury, and some broken shards for end-game crafting.


It's best, however, if you want to run Amrine and repeat the Bones quest for Barkimedes as many times as possible, up to 30.


Levels 30-40


At level 30, you'll want to get to Brightwood. However, before you go there, make sure you have given your main story quest Destiny Revealed to the Hermit. He will give you the task of going to Brightwood.


While in Brightwood, keep pushing through the main storyline by completing faction missions, missions on the city board, and a side quest loop. The main story will eventually send you to Weaver where you can continue with the same pattern of activities. Advance the main story mission as far as you can.


Once you reach level 33 you will unlock the William Heron mission as mentioned above to access the Starstone Barrows. You will have to return to Evervall to accept the quest and access the expedition.


Before you set off on the expedition, go back to the entrance to Amrine's expedition and talk to Barkimedes again. There is one more repeatable quest you can claim for Starstone Barrows, similar to the one for Amrine. It's called More Bones for Barkimedes.


If possible, you'll want to make this Expedition from Level 33 to Level 35. Tuning Spheres for Starstone Barrows will be more limited than Amrine Tuning Spheres due to the lack of quests to get orbs. Therefore, it will be important to properly plan with the group in order to be able to run the sow repeatedly. Remember to take a repeatable quest every time you enter the dungeon.


Starstone is still profitable down to levels 37-38, but not optimal.


To get the next 5 levels to 40, you'll want to push the main story mission to the point where it takes you to Mourningdale, if you haven't already. Along with the main story quest, you will also want to rotate the missions on the city board (every 30 minutes), some broken portals of level 35 to gain experience and Mercury, and you can also grind Brightwood Island which is a level 34 Elite Lost Region.


Remember that you quickly return to Yonas to hand over the main story quests to empty your inventory as much as possible to avoid paying more to Mercury than you need.


Levels 40-48


Once you reach level 40 you'll want to go to Restless Shores and start completing side quests in that area. Once there, make sure you continue to complete the missions on the city board as well as select faction missions. By completing side missions, complete faction missions and missions on the city board along the way.


Make sure you've taken the side quest Pirates Will Be Pirates from Lyse Muller. Follow this side quest until its completion, because after a few steps you will finally unlock the Archdeacon of Azamel quest, which is a quest for the next expedition, The Depths. You will also receive a Deep Tuning Orb when you reach this point.


Continue to complete side missions, city board missions, portal, grind faction missions up to level 43.


After reaching level 43 and receiving the quest in Resting Shores for The Deep Sphere you'll want to travel to Mouningdale to continue the main story quest. Once you get there you will head to the main storyline in the settlement and receive another tuning ball to get deeper.


After that, you'll want to quickly return to Restless Shores and head to the Depths.


When you go to the Depths, you should now have a main story quest to complete, a Restless Shores side quest to complete, and a repeatable quest that you can pick up right outside the Depths called Meat for Nekumanesh. Make sure you collect it before embarking on an expedition. You need to be level 43 to take on a repeatable task.

From levels 43 to 48, you'll want to stay in Restless Shores and run around the Deep whenever you can. Make sure you continue pushing through the main storyline as well. As you swipe through the main story, you'll want to launch damaged portals and trigger a mission loop. You also have the option to grind mobs in Eridanus, the Elite area of ​​Angry Earth.


Levels 48-53


At level 48, it is recommended that you go to the Great Cleave and complete the tasks in the Eastburn Outpost. These missions will lead to some missions that will reward you with high-end items when you reach level 60. You'll want to complete all missions in this area. If you do this now, you won't have to go back when you reach the maximum level.

After completing these quests (if you want), you can move to Edengrove to continue the main story quest. If you decide not to complete them, you can go ahead and head to Edengrove on level 48 to continue the main story quest.


While in Edengrove, you'll want to pick up all the quests in Valor Hold and complete them by continuing to push through the main storyline. Valor Hold missions will eventually lead to a tuning orbs for Garden of Genesis, which will be important to the end of the game.


Continue to complete the quest loops in this area until they are completed and lead to the quest Dynasty Shipyard. If you are under level 53 by then, you can get through the Great Fission and grind elite mobs in Stoja Svikina. You can also run portal loops in the Great Fission.


Another good place to grind on this level is Scorpius in Mouningdale. If both of these are very controversial or you're running solo, you can head to Northern Mourningdale to Hibbotsfield and set up a loop killing the corrupt farmers there. They are not elite mobs, but they are very easy and very quick to kill. By the time you clear your solo farm, the mobs should start to respawn fairly quickly.

Levels 53-60

At level 53, continue the main story quest in Ebonscale Reach. In between the runs, trigger the Dynasty Shipyard combo and Ebonscale mission loop.


After reaching level 57, continue pushing the main storyline into Shattered Mountain. Along with the main story quest, pick up quests in Mountainhome and complete them along with the main quest. You'll need a group in most areas of Shattered Mountain.

If you don't have a group, you can use the other elite grind spots mentioned earlier in the guide.


Leveling Summary


All in all, you'll want to shift the main story mission as much as possible and run the mission loop with other quests and missions on the city board as you do. Once you've acquired Azoth's Staff, you'll also want to incorporate working portals into your quest loops for extra experience, nitrogen, broken scraps etc for crafting. When you reach around level 23, you'll also have the option to start grinding elite mob locations in most zones between the Expedition Runs and the Quest Runs. Grinding Elite mobs are also a great way to increase your weapon proficiency.