Not enough RAM
I encountered this issue when I tried to run the game on my older computer for testing purposes. I have 8 GB of RAM there and this problem usually comes when I try to start New World after running Windows for a while.

The game requires players to have at least 8 GB of RAM. This is a MINIMUM requirement. But when you're running Windows with only 8GB of RAM on your PC, programs like Google Chrome, Opera, Photoshop, and more can take up a large chunk of cache files for faster loading.

Open Resource Monitor before starting the game and check how much RAM is available. If you can see that your programs are taking up a huge chunk of your memory, this is why a black screen appears. You just don't have enough RAM when you run the game.

Remember that you may even have problems if you close all programs before starting the game. Sometimes even closed programs still take up 200-300 MB of cache memory, which can affect the launch of the game if your computer is not too powerful.

Here's what you can try to do to fix the black screen glitch:

  • Turn off autoloading for any programs you don't really need. This can help free up some memory, which is very important if your PC only meets the minimum system requirements.
  • Launch New World as soon as you start up or restart your computer. Do not open web browsers, word processors, or images. Just give Windows some time to fully load and start playing without running any other stuff.

These tips should help a lot.

Obsolete drivers
Another cause of a black screen failure could be an outdated graphics driver. Try to download the latest version of the driver from the official website of the manufacturer, install it, restart the computer and try to start the game.