If you want to take part in the New World Beta tests, just pre-order the game on Amazon or Steam. All pre-orders will receive an invitation to test. This is a 100% guaranteed method.

At the moment, we have no information on how the Beta keys will be distributed. Maybe all participants will receive e-mails with the keys. Or maybe the game will appear in their Steam library.

Q: is there a way to join the test without buying the game?

A: Yes, you can try to get free entry. Register on the official site and register there. Here is the link: https://www.newworld.com/en-us/beta-sign-up But we have no information on how developers will use these registrations. They can only grant access to a few people, or they can randomly send invitations every week. Remember that this method doesn't guarantee anything. Pre-ordering is the only guaranteed way to get your invitation.

Q: How many players will be selected?

A: As we already mentioned, all pre-orderers will be invited. Additionally, there will be players who sign up without purchasing. In any case, the Beta stage will be much bigger than the Alpha stage.

Q: When will the tests start?

A: It will start on July 23, 2020.

Q: Will there be an NDA?

A: No, the developers say there will be no NDA and you will be able to record videos and share screenshots with your friends. All streamers are welcome.

Q: What about Alpha's progress? Will it be cleared?

A: Yes, all previous progress will be destroyed. You will have to start from scratch. This is not a surprise as the Beta will have a lot of improvements. Backward compatibility would take a lot of human resources and is not really necessary.

Q: Will the beta progress be carried over to the release?

A: No, all beta characters will be removed and your progress will be erased prior to the game's release. In the beginning, all players will be in an equal starting position. The difference, of course, is in knowledge and skills. All testers will have much more knowledge about how the game works. This will make the start much easier.

Q: What if I find a bug or bug?

A: Amazon has special forums where all testers can report issues. You can also send feedback directly from the in-game menu. But the developers will most likely change the bug reporting system.