Critical Chance and the Critical Damage Modifier are important stats that will help you make the most of your damage. In New World, both of these are heavily influenced by the weapons you have. At this point, both your primary and secondary weapons affect your base values ​​for Critical Hit Chance and Critical Damage Modifier. Below are the values ​​of each weapon

Weapon Crit Chance Crit Dmg Modifier Note
Spear 5% x 1.3 all head shots are crits
Bow 5% x 1.3  
Fire Staff 4% x 1.2  
Rapier 5% x 1.4  
Great Axe 3% x 1.4  
Musket 2% x 1.3 all head shots are crits
Life Staff 2% x 1.2  
Hatchet 4% x 1.4  
War Hammer 2% x 1.2  
Ice Gauntlet 3% x 1.3  
Sword/Shield 3% x 1.3