The waves crash violently around you, and you wonder why you chose this trip, then you remember. You were drawn to this mysterious world by the same legend that led generations of explorers to the mystical shores of the island. Aeternum is an island unlike any other. It pulsates with a strange life that can only be explained by the powerful substance that flows through it.... Azoth.

Many believe that Mercury is the key to eternal life, and this substance has drawn both the pure heart and the wicked to its shores. Mercury has the power to magnify all life forms around it, creating unimaginable beauty in both the island's atmosphere and the creatures living there. However, there is also a very dark side to this exotic substance that can have a bad effect on the life forms it comes into contact with.

The daring adventures that came ashore before you were threatened at every turn by a cruel element known as corruption. Corruption spoils the life it comes into contact with and has varying degrees of strength depending on the composition of the host. Some are left as animal scales while others are exalted to incomprehensible power.

Your ship finally stops as you wash on the shores of Aeternum. You get off the boat and you look out over a land more beautiful than anything you've ever seen. This is the first time you come out of the ship to the shores of Aeternum and try to immerse yourself in the pure beauty that you witness. However, you quickly realize that you are not alone. You hear a squeak and you see a hideous creature running towards you. You deal quickly with the monster, but the reality of your situation starts to fall into place. This place may be beautiful, but it is definitely not safe. After a short exploration of the shores of Aeternum, you encounter a few other zombie-like creatures and begin to learn that they were once humans who died in some horrific way on the island and are now stuck in this half-death state. Those soulless wretches you now call the Lost.

You find a safe spot near the beach to camp overnight to rest before exploring the next day.

As the sun rises and you wake up, you are breathtaking in the sheer beauty of the surroundings, so much so that you almost forget the incredibly cruel Lost you encountered the night before.

When you come back to reality, you start pushing inland. As you move away from the shore, the ocean you once were so close to fades away, and you still traverse the dense foliage in search of Mercury's mystical substance.

In the distance you can see what appears to be another person running for their lives, weaving around trees. Before you can shout at them, you see some humanoid being stabbing an arrow through their back. They fall and the creature notices you.

You prepare for battle, engage and defeat the monster. Upon further exploration, you encounter many other varieties of the same creature and realize that nature is trying to mimic the figure of humans or other creatures it sees. It's like an island's defense system. The forces of nature on the island rise up and fight against the people who came to spoil it. You call these creatures the Wrathful Earth.

You continue to push your way inland hoping to find someone else's footprints so you can find answers to many of the questions you already have in the short time you have been to Aeternum.

After some time, you come across a large settlement. You enter the settlement carefully and learn that there are already a lot of people living on the island.

Upon arrival, you will start asking about tall monoliths you saw in the distance. You learn that there was once an ancient civilization that inhabited Aeternum and used the power of Mercury. They used it to power their technologies. Something happened ancient, but nobody knows what. The remains of their past lay scattered across the island.

While in the settlement, you quickly make some friends and find out that everyone on the island is not as welcoming as some of the people you have met. There are several other settlements on Aeternum and even a faction war on three roads that hangs among the people.

Aeternum is clearly not what you expected when you embarked on this journey to gain power harnessed to Mercury. Now you understand that to get what you want you will be here for a very long time.