Don't worry, if your equipment has lost all durability and becomes damaged, you can easily bring it back to life.

Repairing items requires players to have a special resource called "Repair Parts". This resource is unique because you cannot buy it from another player. There's only one way to get repair parts: retrieve armor and weapons that you don't really need. Therefore, we advise you to reclaim MOST of the equipment you find during your trip. You will have to repair your items quite often and you will need a lot of repair parts for that.

This way you can make the item 100% durable again:

  1. Open your inventory and find the item you want to repair. Hover the mouse over it. You will see an item menu.
  2. Check if you have enough money and repair the parts. If you have enough, you'll see a shortcut combination that will get you started fixing it. If you don't have enough parts, go ahead and save some gear.
  3. Press "R" + LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to start the recovery process.
  4. Now your item is 100% durable again.

Note: You cannot recover some of an item's durability. If you start repairing, your durability will be fully restored to 100%.