To get your equipment repaired you need to have the correct amount of repair parts and some coin to pay.

Repair Parts are a unique resource that is used to repair items and cannot be traded, sold, or purchased. To get repair parts, you'll need to retrieve any weapons and armor you no longer need.

During your adventures in Aeternum, you will come across weapons and armor that are not very useful for you. Either they're of a much lower level than you'd like to use, or they're just not the item you want to equip.

In this case, you can save that equipment by hovering over the item you want to retrieve, pressing S and left-clicking. This way you will save this item and you will get repair parts as well as some gold. The amount of repair parts and the amount of gold you get will depend on the item you get back.

a great way to easily get a lot of repair parts is to craft lots of items. This will increase your crafting skills so you can retrieve items you just crafted, retrieve parts for repair, and get some coins.

It's important to remember that repair parts are limited to 2,000, so you can't just stockpile hundreds of thousands of repair parts and be set for a lifetime.

Once you've got enough repair parts to fix the broken hardware, hover over the hardware you want to repair and simply press R and the left mouse button to fully repair the hardware.

There is also a "repair all" button that you can use to repair all the equipped hardware. It is important to note that any equipment you have in your inventory will not be repaired after using the repair all button, only the currently equipped hardware will be repaired. It's also worth noting that if you have any gear in your inventory when you die it will take stamina damage, just like your gear. So make sure you store your gear before heading to Aeternum.

You can see how damaged an item is by looking at the durability bar under the item's icon in the inventory screen, and when you hover over an item, you can see the actual total durability of that item, as well as the remaining durability of the item.

You can also see how many repair parts and how many coins it will cost to fix an item.

You can repair the item as many times as you like. Repairing an item does not cause a loss of durability, and the item will NOT be ultimately destroyed if you repair too much.

Repair kits

Repair kits can also be crafted or purchased in the New World. Creating a repair kit requires the use of the Trade Engineer skill and can be crafted in the workshop. There are 4 different levels of repair kits:

Standard (Level 2)
Advanced (Level 3)
Expert (Level 4)
Master (Tier 5)

You can craft each level of the Repair Kit with 0 Engineering, but many have the required materials at hand to craft the correct kit.

Level 2/3/4/5 requires 40/100/150/300 repair parts, and level 2/3/4/5 now requires 1/2/3/3 individual crafting mods.