Use of bags
The easiest way to carry more weight is to equip it with a special bag. In one of the articles, the developers showed a photo of a leather bag that improves the load but reduces the mobility of the characters. As you can see, this is not the best solution in every situation. For example, it can negatively affect your character if you are fighting in PvP. Mobility is very important in any fight, especially if you are fighting another player.

But bags are great if you want to spend some time gathering resources without getting into some serious fights. You will not be

Here is a list of bags that can be found in the game:

  • The Leather Infusion Leather Porter Bag is a level 5 item that can be crafted at the tailor's table by a craftsman. This bag significantly increases the load at the expense of mobility.

This article is not finished yet as there are other ways to expand your inventory but we can't tell you about them due to the NDA.