In order to close the respective Balance level, you will need the following tier of the Staffs of Mercury.
* Level 1 Nitrogen Staff to close Corruption Rifts to Level 25.
* A Level 2 Azoth Staff to close the Ravages of Corruption up to Level 35.
* Mercury level 3 staff to close the Breakthroughs of Corruption up to level 65.

** = Warning - Fort of the Troubled Coast gives a 5% boost to gold, XP, and faction tokens for Tainted Breakthroughs **


Corrupted Monolith
- The main objective of completing the Corrupted Monolith is to destroy the karapas at the base of the monolith and then to close Azoth's staff. Several corrupted mobs will appear during the breach that you will prevent an attempt to prevent you from closing it. Clear the mobs and close the target to complete the warped monolith.

Corrupted Portal - Corrupted portals spawn many waves of corrupted creatures. After a few added waves, the final wave will appear with a tainted boss, the mafia. Defeat the boss, close the target of the Azoth Staff and you will close the corrupted portal!

Corrupted Tentacle - There will be a Centralized Corrupted Tentacle - Quickly run in before it starts attacking to deal a fatal blow to the tentacle as it can deal massive damage. When Tentacle dies, Mercury's Target Staff will spawn. Close and ready!

Festering Hive - In the Festering Swarm you will find Warped Veils on each side that you can destroy. After destruction, you can enter Hive, where you will find Corrupted Boss. After defeating the boss, you will be able to close the target of Mercury's Staff. There will be an add group that will appear in the middle when you close this target. Remove the attachments and complete the objective to complete the Festering Hive!


Group Corrupted Portals
- Very similar to the smaller variant, Group Corrupted Portals require you to kill several large warp waves to finally face the warped boss - Group together, fight waves of warped enemies, kill the boss and lock Mercury Staff Objective to complete the Breach.

Group Corrupted Monolith - The group version of Corrupted Monolith is one of the most difficult to close. There will be three Contaminated Pylons in this breach, each with its own target for Azoth's Staff. When each of them is closed, a carapace will appear in the middle of the Monolith - destroy it and the last target of Mercury's Staff will appear. During this process, large amounts of corrupt creatures will appear, which will hinder your progress.

The best way to complete this breach is to stay in the group and move from pylon to pylon together. Once each one is closed, move to the center and fight the waves of addition and the corrupt boss that spawns. When you fall, close Mercury's target to complete the Monolith.