This guide will explain how to choose a faction in New World MMO. When you start the game, you don't belong to any faction. You are a lonely guy and you can do whatever you want. But if you want to progress and take part in all activities, you will have to choose a faction.

You can't do this right after jumping into the world. You will have to complete several quests before you can choose an alliance.

Do not worry! You won't have to wait too long. The game will ask you which alliance you want to join at a certain stage after completing several missions in your first village. All you need is to relax and follow the overall line of tasks. Sooner or later you'll see a similar screen:

This means that now is the time to make a decision.

Why can't you choose a page from the very beginning?
It's easy. The game wants you to familiarize yourself with all the available factions before choosing one of them. The main questline will ask you to complete several quests for all three parties and you will understand what they are doing and what their goals are.

You'll also be able to follow the Territorial War and see which side is stronger. The game gives you time to understand the situation as the faction selection is constant! You will not be able to change the page later. Therefore, we advise you to think twice before making your final decision.