The two skill trees for the Fire Staff are Fire mage and Pyromancer.

Fire mage

The Fire mage tree focuses on increasing critical hits / damage and improving mana management. The best skill in this tree is Fireball. Fireball is a ranged skill that leaves an area of ​​effect, a "field on fire" that a DOT does that can be upgraded to last for 9 seconds. Meteor Shower is a guided AOE DOT ability with a small amount of built-in sustain that allows you to deal massive damage to your opponents. The downside is that you are in a difficult position once you have the spell, and once the spell has started you cannot transfer AOE. Pillar of Fire is a skill that has a small area of ​​effect with a delayed cast time, making it difficult to land in most situations. The upgrades to Pillar of Fire sound good on paper, but are too situational to help the Pillar of Fire take on other fire staff abilities.

The Fire mage Tree is also home to some of the best critical hit mods in the New World. All sticks of fire come standard with a 4% critical hit chance and a 1.2x critical damage modifier. Fire God Prophet Node Increases critical damage by 35%, increasing your total critical damage modifier to 1.55x. To take advantage of this, the Fire mage Tree also offers Spell Slinger - a passive ability that increases the chance of a critical hit by 15%.

The key passive in this tree is Rune Heliosa. After casting the fire stick skill, the Rune of Helios places a 2-meter rune on the ground that increases spell damage by 30%. The rune lasts 7 seconds and has a cooldown of 30 seconds, creating a downtime of 23 seconds. It is not noted in the tooltip that 30% of spell damage is applied to the ability you cast to summon a rune. This, in conjunction with Clear Mind and Clear throws, makes it possible to start any fight with a massive amount of damage.


The Pyromancer's skill tree and its passive skills focus on Damage Over Time and Defense. The climax of the Pyromancer tree is the active Incinerate ability. Afterburn is an AOE skill that, when cast, affects the area around the player and knocks back all enemies in the AOE area. The basic skill also adds a period. Incinerate Upgrades double cast Ashen, increase the use of DOT, and allow players to heal 20% of skill damage. Combined, these upgrades make combustion one of the most powerful skills in the New World. Passive Flame Extinguish, combined with Passive Firing, grants an insane amount of survivability. One use of Incinerate in an area filled with enemies can instantly heal you from near death to full health. To make matters worse, Incinerate's base cooldown is only 12 seconds. This allows Fire Staff users to easily farm large groups of mobs without healing or healing potions.

Flamethrower is another active skill in the Pyromancer tree. The flamethrower creates a narrow area cone that deals 25% weapon damage per second, setting enemies on fire for 3% weapon damage per second for 6 seconds. Thanks to its upgrades, the flamethrower can deal massive damage over time. The disadvantages of the Flamethrower are the range and time it takes to build up piles of fire on the target. The second skill in the Pyromancer tree is Burnout. Burnout is a mobility spell that allows players to dash forward, dealing damage to every enemy they hit!

The Pyromancer tree has several passives that have great synergy for very powerful effects. Watch it Burn, allows you to apply a DOT that lasts up to 6 seconds. You can also combine these dots with your next light attacks. This includes burns from all abilities, including Incinerator and Flamethrower. Let it Burn gives you 30% buff for 2 seconds each time Afterburn does damage. Watch it Burn, in conjunction with Let it Burn, provides a powerful defensive buff to the user of a fire staff, and also provides the target with a small amount of passive damage.

The key passive skill of the pyromancer is Reheat. Overheating will increase the mana regeneration of Fire Staff users to 400% if the user does not activate the skill within 6 seconds. In conclusion, Reheat (as it stands) should never be chosen. We'll talk more about managing mana below.

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Recommended roles and allocation of mastery points


There is no competition for the first two slots for active Fire Staff skills. 1A is a fireball. Fireball is a skill that you can use immediately after cooldown, dealing massive damage at all distances. The Burning Field can be used for zone control or against melee characters and provides a significant increase in DPS. Your next active skill should be Incinerating. Incinerate is both a top-tier offensive and defensive ability and competes for the strongest active ability in the New World. Fully upgraded, it can deal massive damage and, upon hitting multiple targets, can heal you back to full health from near death.

The third active skill will most likely be Meteor Shower or Flame Thrower. The meteor shower provides a much greater range, a larger area of ​​operation and (in the case of passive Fiery Determination) is uninterrupted. Each meteor gives you 1% of your mana back for each successful hit. The flamethrower deals more damage over time, but has a limited range. The flamethrower also has a much smaller cone, making it a bit weaker against many targets.

Below is a photo of the recommended Mastery Point allocation for the Fire Staff, including active and passive skills!


Resource management

The HQ mastery tree has two nodes that will allow you to use heavy attacks to manage your mana. Spell Focus is a passive that restores 5% of your maximum mana when struck by a heavy attack. This combo allows you to weave heavy attacks into your rotation to maintain your mana pool and maintain damage.

"Let it Burn" management

the 30% Let it Burn buff, especially when combined with heavy armor, is a huge defense buff for a fire staff user. The easiest way to keep this up is also to choose the passive Watch it Burn skill, which activates afterburn that lasts 6 seconds with each light attack. Using Light Attack every 6-7 seconds, and between Incinerate uses, will help you maximize the Uptime of this highest-level passive.

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