The Rapier has a series of light attacks with 3 swings and deals thrust damage. The first attack in the chain deals 100% thrust damage and the middle swing deals 66%. Performing a Heavy Attack with a Rapier will deal 133% Thrust Damage.

In this guide, we'll cover rapier mastery trees, recommended skills for different scenarios, and tips on how to optimize your rapier usage.

Championship trees

Rapier Mastery trees are comprised of Blood and grace trees.


The Blood Tree focuses on damage over time as well as burst damage. The three active skills in this tree are Tondo, Flourish, Finish, and Movement. There is no separate passive key for this tree, instead you can further upgrade the Bloom and Finish ability. It is important to note that, as with other key passive abilities, you still need to have at least 10 points in the blood tree before you can use the final upgrade for the Bloom and Finish skill.

Tondo is a melee skill against a rapier that has an extended range and applies bleeding. Bleed can be stacked up to 3 times, which will refresh the previous bleed application. As you progress through the Tondo tree, you'll be able to greatly reduce skill cooldowns and greatly improve your direct skill damage the further you are from the target when hitting it with Tondo.

The basic skill of the Tree of Blood is Bloom and Finish. This ability works in synergy with Tondo and deals a lot of damage and provides decent mobility. After using Bloom and Finish, you'll knock back the enemy and you can activate the second step to the skill by pressing light attack at the end of bloom. This will then "finish" some of the skill. Finish will rush forward and absorb all rapier bleeds and deal 110% of their damage instantly, giving you a good burst damage potential.

As you progress in the first Bloom and Finish upgrade, you will gain Skill Eagerness. This will enable uninterruptibility. You'll also gain stamina after successfully landing a skill, and can reduce the skill's cooldown for each hit of Tondo's Bleeding damage.

The last upgrade (considered a key passive for the Blood Tree) significantly increases the damage dealt by "finishing" some of the skill. Your finish will now deal 150% Rapier Bleed damage, up from the previous 110%. This allows for tremendous burst damage potential and will help you finish off your target after applying significant pressure by bleeding for the duration of the fight.

The last skill in the blood tree is Movement. When you activate Wake, you stand still, unleashing a series of five quick thrust attacks. Damage stacks with each strike, dealing more damage with each strike. You can dodge at any time. As you progress with your Movement skills, you'll be able to increase Block Damage per Flurra hit, reduce skill cooldowns, extend Tondo Rapier bleeding, and the final Movement hit will stun your target.

The rest of the passive skills in the blood tree focus on reducing cooldowns and increasing bleeding damage.


The Tree of grace focuses mainly on outmaneuvering your opponent. The skills in the grace tree require the right timing to be used effectively. The three active abilities in the favor tree are Riposte, Uniki, and Fleche. The passive key in this tree is called Momentum.

Riposte is a skill that requires some skill from a player's point of view. In order to use this skill properly, you need to adjust it properly. After activating the riposte, you will go into a defensive stance for 1 second, and if you are hit this second, you will counter the attacker and stun him for 1.5 seconds, and after a successful riposte, you will be briefly invulnerable. If you fail to sync skills properly, you won't stun the target and you have to wait for the skill to cooldown to use it again. This skill is also compatible with Taunt Gems.

As you continue to upgrade the Riposte skill, after a successful riposte, you will receive united attacks for a short time, the cooldowns of other rapier skills after a successful riposte will be reduced, and the stun duration will be extended when fully upgraded.

Another skill in the favor tree is Dodge. Dodging is a mobility skill that will allow you to be much more mobile while using your rapier. This skill allows you to take a small step in your current direction of movement that will cancel any activity and grant you a short invulnerability. Your light attack speed will also be greatly increased when dodging.

When you upgrade your Dodge skill, you'll also gain Stamina immediately after use, giving you even more mobility as you'll be able to keep your Stamina bar full enough to dodge more often. You'll also gain movement speed for a short time, gain bonus damage when dodging forward, and your light attacks will reduce your skill cooldowns by 30%. This cooldown reduction allows you to use this ability a lot, gain stamina, dodge and reuse an ability that gives you great mobility in combat.

grace's last skill is Fleche. This is another movement skill that allows you to break off the ground and jump 10 meters, piercing enemies and dealing increased weapon damage. By upgrading this skill, you will get a large cooldown reduction after killing an enemy, increased critical hit damage on your next critical hit, and you will also be able to perform a light attack while performing a static attack with increased weapon damage.

Momentum is a key passive in the grace tree. Increases the damage of the next light or heavy attack after using a skill. This passive has no cooldown, but will end after 3 seconds or on the next hit.

Recommended roles and skills

The recommended role when using Rapier is DPS. The rapier has the option to place a carnelian gem in the weapon and a taunt is activated after using Riposte. So you can use this weapon as a tank, but as a tank there are better, more effective options.

You can choose to launch the tank and place it on the rear bar for more utility and movement, but for the purposes of this guide, we'll cover the DPS role and some PvP options. The recommended skills for DPS and PvP are below:


Recommended active abilities:

  • Tondo
  • Flourish and Finish
  • Movement

Recommended passive skills:

  • Refreshing Impacts
  • Infallible
  • Heavy puncture
  • Engarde
  • Bright edge

Recommended passive key:

  • Bloody end

To maximize Rapier damage for the DPS role, the entire blood tree will be seized.

Tondo will deal good damage to your targets over time, and passive Infallible will allow you to do more damage to targets that have a bleeding effect.

You'll be able to stack your bleeds and use Movement to deal good damage to your targets. Since the Movement is fully upgraded, each strike of the Movement will also extend the bleeding for an additional 1 second. Movement will also be useful against targets with shields. Movement deals 25% more block damage after upgrading, thanks to which you'll be able to break blocks more easily.

Flourish and trim will give you high series damage and help restore your stamina. The key passive for this tree is the Bloom and Ending expansion. When you fully upgrade Bloom and Finish and take the passive key, you'll be able to deal quite a bit of burst damage and finish off the target quickly. It's important to note that this upgrade works just like any other key passive skills, you will still need to unlock 10 skills in the tree before unlocking the final Bloom and Ending upgrade.

The rest of the passive skills you take will help you reduce your skill cooldowns and increase your damage even further.


The skills you take in PvP will really depend on the type of role you want to play when engaging in PvP as well as the other weapons you will be carrying.

The following recommendations are general recommendations for PvP with Rapier. On our Builds page you will find more detailed configurations that may suit your playstyle depending on what activity you engage in and what weapons you have paired with the Rapier.

Recommended active abilities:

  • Tondo
  • Flourish and Finish
  • Avoid

Recommended passive skills:

  • Infallible
  • Engarde
  • Bright edge
  • Controlled breathing
  • Speed

Recommended passive key:

  • Bloody end

The Rapier is perfect for quick strikes and outmaneuvering the opponent on the battlefield. He specializes in dealing damage while avoiding damage.

Tondo will allow you to bleed the target and put pressure on it throughout the fight. A fully upgraded Tondo will greatly reduce skill cooldowns, making it much easier to apply bleeding during combat.

Float and Finish will give you a lot of burst damage while consuming Bleed, as well as restore Stamina after a successful finish, helping to upgrade your already very agile build by allowing you to dodge more often.

Avoidance is to increase mobility. It has a very short cooldown and can be used between evasion rolls. With a fully upgraded dodge you will regain stamina when used and increase your movement speed.

The taken passive skills will grant you increased damage, as well as even more stamina regeneration and speed. This will allow for a lot of maneuverability during the fight, which will make it harder for the opponent to hit you.

The premise of the rapier is movement. By using these skills, you'll be able to start fighting bleeding and put pressure on your opponent by running around and avoiding damage by dodging and dodging. You'll also have a lot of burst damage potential when you use bloom and finish.