Read this guide to the end to find out all the important information about this collector profession.

Fishing rod
First of all, you need a fishing rod to get started. You can buy it or make it yourself. Can be crafted with Engineering Tradeskill. At the moment, there are 5 levels of fishing rods and 11 unique types of perks.

The fishing rod works similar to all other gathering devices. You just have it in your inventory and use it when you want.

There are different types of fishing rods in the game. We will add a list here as more information becomes available.

The right bait makes your fishing process more fun and rewarding. It gives a bonus for the size or quality of the fish caught. It is possible not to use the bait, but in this case you will hardly be able to catch something wonderful.

Using the bait is very simple. Press Equip Bait while holding the fishing rod and you will see a special window. There are 2 general categories of baits:

  • Freshwater lures - are best for all "internal" waters such as swamps, lakes and rivers.
  • Saltwater lures - are used for seawater / ocean water. Aeternum is an island surrounded by the ocean.

What happens if you use the wrong bait? We assume that you will not be able to take advantage of the bonus it gives. It will be useless.

Remember that you can change the bait whenever you want. Just press the "Change Bait" button and you will see the menu again.

Here is a list of all the lures in the New World MMORPG:

Bread Bait  - Slightly increases the chance of catching larger fish in freshwater


Fishing technique
Part 1: Casting

Now you are ready. Hold down the default "Cast" key to start. You will see a nice animation showing your character getting ready for the trial. You'll also see a cast range indicator. You can control the cast range by holding down the Cast key. The longer you hold down the key, the greater the range will be. Remember that the greatest range is not always necessary.

Part 2: Hitching

Once you've finished throwing, you'll need to wait a while for the float icon to appear on the screen. Look closely at the icon, it will show you what to do.

Wait... Now wait for the fish to eat the bait. When the fish is about to eat it, the float will move quickly up and down. Get ready! You'll only have a few seconds to jam the fish.
Hook! When you see this icon, it's time to hook! Don't wait too long! If the green bar indicator goes out, the attempt will fail.
Successful hook! This means you can start collapsing now.

Part 3: Pulling

Now the second phase of the mini-game begins. When you start curling up, always keep an eye on the tension gauge. Reacts to your actions.

Good voltage! If it's green, you're doing everything right. Try to keep it green or orange.
Voltage becomes high. If the indicator turns orange, you need to reduce the voltage. Slow down or you will lose.

That's all. Now you can repeat all the steps above to catch something else.

In general, the process of catching fish is quite difficult and interesting. It may seem difficult at first, but many players say it is really fun and enjoyable.

Upgrading skills
This profession has a dedicated skill line. You get the experience of a fishing profession every time you catch something. The more you practice, the higher your skills become.

The higher skill allows you to discover fishing hotspots - special places on the map where you get a boost in bite speed and where your chances of getting rare fish increase significantly. If you are a real fisherman, these places will help you a lot!