One of the PvP options in New World is duel. Duels are a way for players to engage in mutual PvP without any consequences for the durability of their equipment, and serve as a great way to practice PvP skills, organize PvP events, or get things done.

  • Duel can be initiated by any player above level 10, regardless of faction status or PvP flag
  • Duels cannot be initiated in settlements or during a war / invasion.
  • Players initiate a duel by hovering over another player's name and clicking "Invite to duel" or by talking "/ duel [player name]”
  • Interference from outside will end the duel
  • You can duel solo or in a group of up to 5 members each
  • There are no penalties for losing a duel (e.g loss of equipment durability)

To make a group duel, you must first create a group. It should be emphasized that the teams do not have to be equal. A single person can initiate a duel against a group of 2 consecutive players in order to obtain 1vX. To do this, simply hover over a player in the group, challenge them to a duel, and then select 'Duel Group.

You can also select a player in a group to duel by selecting the solo duel option. This allows players to continue 1v1 duels without leaving the group.