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The guide below is a complete New World culinary guide. In the guide you will find:

Video version of the guide
Introduction to cooking in the New World (and some general tips)
Various types of food and bonuses
Where to find recipes
How and where to find ingredients for cooking
How to align cooking
Items that will improve your cooking
Table of culinary experiences


Introduction to cooking in the New World


The New World cook profession allows players to craft food that regenerates health and mana, increases attribute points, increases luck when harvesting, and increases the maximum equipment score for appropriate trade when crafting. You can also create fishing bait and dyes in the cooking profession.

To start cooking, simply gather the ingredients to cook, go to the kitchen or campfire and press the default 'E' key to start cooking. Cooking with fire is limited to regenerative food and bait. No food attributes can be produced in the camp, no food or dyes can be traded.

You should also pay attention to the level of the kitchen you are using. You will be limited to cooking items of the same level as the crafting station you are using. So, to craft Level V food at the end of the game, you'll need to find a Level V Kitchen.


Once at the crafting station, select the item you want to craft, and if you have the necessary ingredients, simply select the blue CRAFT button or use the slider to create many of the same items if you wish.


Every time you cook an item, you will be rewarded with a culinary experience. As the culinary experience increases, so too will the level of cooking. Cooking is capped at level 200. As you progress through the cooking level, you will be able to cook higher level food.


TIP: First, make sure you pay attention to the food drop-down menu. The game will default to some regenerative food ingredients and food ingredients. You can choose from a wide variety of ingredients to make these products, and some ingredients are MUCH easier to come by than others. Be careful not to use rare ingredients that have been selected by default when creating low-level food.


Choosing less frequent ingredients does not improve lower-level foods. If you use higher-level ingredients in the Raw Food option, you will have a chance to craft additional items, but the food quality will not change.

It's worth noting here that you can put your ingredients (works with any crafting, not just cooking) in the settlement in the settlement and still have access to those ingredients at the cooking station. You must be in the same village where you store the items, but you don't need to have them in your inventory.


A quick note on the user interface. You may notice that the message "Unable to add bonus to this item" appears while cooking. This area is reserved for other craft professions. For example, if you use Arcana stations, you will be able to apply special resources that will give your crafted item a certain perk, and you can craft with Mercury, which will increase the chances of your item having attributes and gem slots. Since the consumables you craft while cooking have no attributes or perks, you have no options available.

Various types of food and bonuses


Food in Nowy Świat is divided into 4 different categories. Each food category ranges from level 1 to level 5 (you can see all foods and their enhancements in our database):


  • regenerative food
  • Food attribute
  • Trade food skills
  • Food ingredients


Regenerating Food is used to regenerate both Health and Mana. Health regenerating foods will allow you to recover X health (the higher the food level, the more health you will recover) per second for 20 seconds, but the regeneration will stop if you take damage. Then you will regain 1% of your health every 2.5 seconds for X minutes (the higher the food level, the longer the duration).


foods that regenerate mana are called "energizing" rations or meals. This type of food will give you an increased mana regeneration by X% (the higher the food level, the higher the regeneration rate) for X minutes (the higher the food level, the longer the duration).


By default, you will have recipes for crafting all 5 levels of both regenerative foods, starting at level 1. However, to craft level 5 regenerative foods, you need to work on cooking level 150 and be at level V Crafting Station or a level V camp.


Food attributes are broken down into the following:


  • strengthening food
  • food arcade
  • Food intelligence
  • Food focus
  • Constitutional foods


Attribute food will increase the specified attribute for a certain period of time depending on the level of food you produce. These foods also provide health regeneration while the food bonus is active.


By default, you will only be able to access the Tier II version of these foods. You'll need to find recipes for the remaining levels (more on that below).


In each of the categories you can produce food with pure attributes or food with a combination of attributes. For example, if you want extra strength attribute points, you can craft level 2 pork chops and applesauce to get 10 extra strength attribute points for 25 minutes.


You can also create a combination of Strength and Stamina by producing Cheesy Broccoli Soup. This would increase your strength by 6 and your condition by 4 for 25 minutes.


The other attribute foods follow the same pattern. Whatever food you produce will always have this attribute as the primary attribute, and then depending on the food you produce, it may also have another secondary attribute.


food with trading skills is divided into food related to crafting and harvesting. For each collector profession you can craft food that will increase your luck by a certain amount, and for each crafting profession that has an associated gear score, you can craft food that will increase your minimum and maximum gear score for crafted items by a certain amount of time. Applies to:


Crafting weapons

Crafting gems





The last category of food, called food components, are simply ingredients that are used in other recipes but have to be produced first. For example, cooking oil is used to make venison kebabs. To get cooking oil, you must first make it using fish oil and nuts.


Where to find recipes


By default, you will have access to all levels of regenerative food, but you will only have access to level 2 for food attributes, level 2 for food gathering, and level 3 for food crafting.


The rest of the recipes will have to be found throughout Aeternum, looting food containers. The higher the level of the recipe you are looking for, the higher the level you will have to venture to find the recipe. Recipes do NOT fall out of every provision box. They can be hard to find, so it may take some time to get the recipes you are looking for. The found recipes are negotiable, so you can also buy them at points of sale.


Below is an approximate look at the zone where the recipe for a given level is:


Recipe Level 3 - Level 16 - 38

Recipe Level 4 - Level 36 - 58

Recipe Level 5 - Level 56+

Each Provision Container in New World can be found by checking our Interactive Map and filtering by Chests and then Provisions.


How and where to find ingredients for cooking


There are many ways to get ingredients for cooking in the New World. You can skin animals for meat, fish, loot food crates, harvest farm crops, harvest herbs for spices, and of course buy ingredients at the point of sale.


You can find all animal spawns by using our interactive map and filtering for whatever animal you are looking for. By using the map you can also find all fishing spots, food crates, crops and herbs.


Sourcing meat, fish and crops is quite simple. Kill animals and skin them for meat, catch fish and harvest crops on farms for crops such as carrots, broccoli, squashes, etc.


However, spices and other ingredients may be a bit harder to come by. Some ingredients are region specific and can only be found in Supply Chests in that region. See the table below. (This table can also be referenced in our Quick Reference Section)

Spices in the New World are another ingredient that can be a bit tricky to track. Spices are obtained by harvesting herbs in the New World. You can also find each location of the herbs using our interactive map. However, different spices are specific to the region. See the table below


Your chance of getting a spice while harvesting herbs depends a lot on your luck and skill level.


It is also worth paying attention to the attribute bonuses that you get from both agility and intelligence. If you're trying to fully minimize / maximize your harvest for cooking ingredients, it's worth taking advantage of these attribute bonuses. If you want to skin animals and get as much meat as possible, the Dexterity attribute has the following skinning bonuses:


+ 10% skinning speed

+ 20% haste for 3 seconds after skinning

-10% weight of skinned items

+ 10% skinning speed (now a total of 20% increase)

+ 10% efficiency when skinning


The Intelligence attribute has the following harvesting bonuses:


+ 10% harvest speed

5% chance to get 1 nitrogen when harvesting

-10% weight of collected items

+ 10% harvest speed (now a total of 20% increase)

+ 10% increase in yield during harvest


The tools you use will also have a big impact on the efficiency of sourcing ingredients for cooking.


How to align cooking


The information on leveling cooking here assumes that you will harvest all your resources yourself. However, you do have the option to purchase resources from the trading post to speed up your cooking levels in the New World.


To level your cooking effectively, you'll want to stick to regenerative foods. Attribute and commercial foods will provide more experience for each level of cooked food, but the amount of time spent getting the raw materials far exceeds the time it takes to recover the food. For most of these recipes, you will need complex foods and very specific ingredients. A recovery food allows you to use many different ingredients and achieve the same result.


In the initial questline, you will have to prepare one portion of a light ration that will allow you to reach level 1 of cooking.


As we are going to use regenerative foods for leveling, the leveling process will be broken down into 4 different categories:


Level 1 - 50: Travel Rations / Energizing Travel Rations (24 XP per right)

Level 50 - 100: Light Meal / Energizing Light Meal (90 xp per meal)

Level 100 - 150: Satisfying Meal / Energizing Satisfying Meal (300 XP per meal)

Level 150 - 200: Hearty Meal / Energizing Hearty Meal (775 XP per meal)


A few things to keep in mind before starting your journey downhill when lowering the cooking level are taxes in the settlement where you intend to cook most of, and the level of kitchen in a particular settlement. If you are in a settlement with a high crafting tax, you may want to move to a different city before leveling up to save some hard earned coin. Also, if your settlement does not have the necessary level kitchen for your crafting needs, you will have to move to another settlement before leveling up.


You can completely avoid the tax if you manage to level up your camp as you progress. You can produce all the necessary camp food and you won't need a kitchen. However, to get a Tier V camp, you need to be level 55.


With that in mind, you will spare yourself the headache, especially if you intend to collect ingredients near the settlement where you intend to level your cooking. Thanks to this, you will not have to transfer ingredients to another city, cook, although sometimes in later levels it may be unavoidable.


Also, remember the following ingredients for each Level of Meal you intend to cook


Level 2 rations

  • Raw food
  • Level 2 Raw Food


Level 3 light meal

  • Raw food
  • Raw food
  • Level 3 Raw Food


Satisfactory Level 4 Meal

  • Raw food
  • Raw food
  • Raw food
  • Level 4 Raw Food


Level 5 Hearty Meal

  • Raw food
  • Raw food
  • Raw food
  • Seasoning
  • Level 5 Raw Food


As seen above, each food level will require you to use Raw Food. So when you are in the open world, don't skip killing and skinning lower tier animals, turkeys, collecting nuts, collecting honey from cities, etc, as all of these ingredients will remain important throughout the entire cooking leveling process.


Also collect broccoli along the way. If you come across a farm with broccoli, collect as much as possible and save it for later compensation. You will need it to eat level IV.


Remember that your hearty Level 5 meals will be spiced up. So, when collecting other materials, make sure you are collecting herbs as mentioned above under "Where and How to Find Ingredients for Cooking". Any spice, including honey, will work on tier V recovery foods, so it doesn't matter which zone you are in when harvesting herbs, so harvest them in each zone as you go.


Make sure you are NOT using the higher levels of food that you plunder along the way in the early levels. You will need ingredients 3, 4 and 5 specifically for these foods. Make sure you save them for this purpose and don't use them for raw food options. Always be aware of what food you use for Level 1 Raw Foods.


fishing is a great way to harvest the ingredients needed for Tier IV, but remember that once you reach the need for Tier V recovery food for extra cooking experience, you'll still need to harvest spices to cook Tier V meals. Fishing is also quite time consuming. Thus, the time to collect the required materials is much longer than for other methods.


You could max out by crafting Level IV meals, but you will use much more ingredients as the XP gain from level IV meals is much lower than that of a level V meal.


The leveling method below is to use skinning, collecting and looting food crates, when available, to obtain the ingredients needed for maximum cooking skill. You can mix and match this method with fishing or any other method you deem appropriate to harvest the ingredients.


Level 1 - 50


You will begin your level 1 leveling process by cooking travel rations or energizing travel rations (or a combination of both). They give you 24 cooking experience points for each item they craft. To get to level 50 of cooking you will need a total of 3,450 cooking experience.


3450/24 = 143.75


Therefore, to reach level 50, you will have to produce 144 food rations in total.


Travel Rations use 2 different types of ingredients, Raw Food and Level 2 Raw Food. Make sure you have selected the drop-down menu in your crafting station and uncheck the 'Owned Items' radio button to see all available options. You can also check our database to see this information.


You can mix and match combinations of ingredients, but you cannot use the same ingredient twice. You will need to collect a total of 144 of one ingredient and a total of 144 of the other ingredient.


You must be in Monarch's Bluff or Everfall to get the necessary ingredients. Both of these zones have an abundance of raw food that is easy to harvest for the first 50 levels of cooking.

Use our interactive map and filter for nuts, cranberries, carrots, squash, turkey nests, food boxes and herbs. These resources are plentiful in both zones and can be harvested quickly (make sure you invest in a good sickle and skinning knife as you progress).

Once you've collected the ingredients, kill any game you see along the way and skin them for meat. Also, make sure you collect all the herbs you see. The spices you get will come in handy when you start cooking tier V food. Also, make sure you check the food crates while collecting the ingredients. Both chests in Everfall and the Monarch bluff contain Level V Raw Food that you will use later. By collecting them early you will save a lot of time later.


Collect all the mushrooms you see. They have the chance to drop mushrooms that are raw food. Also, every time you enter the city make sure you are collecting honey from the hives.


Also, remember to collect broccoli along the way. If you come across a farm with broccoli, collect as much as possible and save it for later compensation. You will need it to eat level IV.


It's okay if you gather a lot of lower tier resources as they can be used in any other food tier during the leveling up process.


When you have a combination of at least 144 raw food (poultry, honey, nuts, mushrooms, milk, eggs, pork) and some combination of 144 level 2 raw food (carrots, red meat, cranberries, pumpkin) you can return to the city and craft 144 travel rations or Energizing Travel Rations and reach cooking level 50.


Level 50 - 100


You now need an additional 24,820 cooking experience to reach level 100. To gain this experience, you must now start cooking light meals or energizing light meals. They give you 90 cooking experience points per meal.


Therefore, you will have to cook:


24,820 / 90 = 275.77 or 276 meals to reach cooking level 100


To do this, you must now collect the following items


276 Raw Food (or combination)

276 Raw Food (or combination)

276 Level 3 Raw Foods (or a combination of them)


Everfall is again a good choice for collecting the necessary materials.


Use our interactive map and filter by moose, food boxes, herbs, blueberries (not cranberries, just "blueberries"), blueberries, cabbage, melons and potatoes.


Head to the southern part of the zone and you'll find lots of blueberries and some moose. You make a loop that goes northwest to the cabbage and potatoes and back to the berries and moose until you have the required materials.


If there is too much competition in this area for resources, you can also head south to Monarch's Bluff or Windsward for ingredients.


Make sure you keep plundering crates of provisions and herbs, and the game of killing and skinning in the later stages of leveling up. It doesn't hurt to keep picking nuts, mushrooms, and other lower-level foods as you progress, as they are needed for each level of regenerative foods.


After getting the required ingredients, head back to the settlement that has a level III kitchen and cook the required number of meals to reach level 100.


Make sure you don't use your level 3 in the bottom two drop-downs which are for "raw food". Make sure you use tier 1 foods for these ingredient slots.


Level 100 - 150


You now need an additional 118,500 cooking experience to reach level 150. To gain this experience, you must now start cooking satisfying meals or energizing satisfying meals. They give 300 cooking experience points per meal.


Therefore, you will have to cook:


118,500 / 300 = 395 meals to cook level 100


To do this, you must now collect the following items


395 Raw Food (or combination)

395 Raw Food (or combination)

395 Raw Food (or combination)

395 Level 4 Raw Foods (or a combination of them)


At this point, you should have a decent supply of tier 1 food that you can use up to 3 raw food options. If not, continue collecting them as mentioned above.


Getting Level 4 Raw Food is starting to get a little more difficult. You may need to visit multiple zones to cover the total amount needed. The meat needed to eat level IV will be much harder to come by due to its rarity, so it's best to harvest broccoli, cauliflower, oranges, and lemons.


You can find broccoli by filtering them on our interactive map and navigating to spawns in specific zones. If the broccoli has not been harvested, you will be able to get a significant amount of it from any farm. If you have trouble getting broccoli, you have to turn to other ingredients.


You will be able to find them by looting the provision crates (which can be found on the interactive map) and also use our provisioning crate chart to find zones where each ingredient can be searched from the provision crate. Unfortunately, moving from zone to zone looting chests can be time consuming, so if you manage to get broccoli


After getting the required ingredients, head back to the settlement that has a level IV kitchen and cook the required number of meals to reach level 150.


Level 150 - 200


You now need an additional 393,750 cooking experience to reach level 200. To gain this experience, you must now start cooking hearty meals or energizing hearty meals. They give you 775 cooking experience points per meal.


Therefore, you will have to cook:


393 750/775 = 508 meals until cooking level 200 is reached


To do this, you must now collect the following items


508 Raw food (or combination)

508 Raw food (or combination)

508 Raw food (or combination)

508 Spices (or a combination)

508 Level V Raw Foods (or a combination of them)


As with Tier IV products, meat will be harder to come by than other options. By this point, you should harvest enough herbs (as mentioned earlier) to get the required spices. If not, you'll have to start harvesting herbs to get the ingredients you need.


You should also have a decent supply of Level 1 Raw Food so your challenge will be to get Level 5 Raw Food.


There are no harvestable plants that can be grown to obtain ingredients. You will have to use rare meat (if you have it), and if not, loot it from provision crates. You'll need to get a total of 508 of the following:




Green Beans




You can use our quick chart to find the location of the ingredients


Once you have the necessary ingredients, head to the Level V camp or kitchen and prepare the necessary amount of hearty meals or energizing hearty meals to cook at level 200.


Items that will improve your cooking


There are certain items in New World that will help you get bonuses while cooking. Cooking bonuses and luck will give you a% chance to get additional items while cooking. So, when you are trying to cook some high-quality or very rare food, it is a good idea to use these bonuses to get more items from the same number of ingredients.


There is a chef's armor set that will increase your perk of cooking skill on the armor. Wearing the full kit will greatly increase your bonus.


The kit can be found in Elite Ancient Chests and more information about it can be found in our Database.


You will also want to use culinary trophies in your home while cooking important meals. These trophies (depending on the level) can also greatly increase your luck in cooking. When pairing cooking trophies with the chef's armor set

Table of culinary experiences