Below is a quick guide to all the buffs, debuffs, and damage over time effects in New World.

Effect | Description

Clean | Removes and resists all debuffs.
Enhancement | Increases attack damage.
Enhancement | Increases damage absorption.
Rush | Increases running and / or sprint speed.
Healing | Restores health over time.

Effect | Description

Slow | Slows down running and / or sprint speed.
Tear up | Reduce damage absorption.
Weakness | Reduces attack damage.
Illness | It reduces healing.
Exhale | Reduces stamina regeneration.
Silence | Disables skills, but allows basic attacks.
Root | Disables movement, but allows basic attacks and skills.
Stun | Disables all actions.

Damage Over Time Effects:
Effect | Description

Record | Deals fire damage over time.
Fall | Deals standard damage over time.
Poison | Deals magic damage over time.
Shock | Deals damage from stamina over time.

It's important to remember that the general categories of status effects are limited, so they will never exceed certain values ​​no matter how many different status effects are applied. See the caps below:

  • Tear 30%
  • Boost 50%
  • Haste 50% (Haste Elixir from the siege armory ignores the limit)
  • Slow 50%
  • Boost 50%
  • Weaken 50%
  • Disease 50%