The maximum level for each weapon is 20 and you can max out any weapon in the game. As you get closer to your weapon's max tier, you'll earn 19 points to apply between the two weapon skill trees. During this progression, you'll be forced to make choices as each weapon has 38 knots between the two skill trees, and each skill tree has 19 knots. It is important to note that it takes 10 points to open the last node in the tree, allowing access to only one of the end passives for each weapon.

Weapon skill trees consist of both passive and active skills. All active skills develop linearly, which means that if a node is connected by a line, the previous node must be filled in before it becomes available. Passive skills open based on the total number of points spent in that particular skill tree. It is worth noting that the points spent are isolated to this side of the skill tree (EX - points spent on an ax in the Berzerker tree do not help develop passive skills on the throwing side).