The Warhammer has a chain of light attacks with 2 swings and deals damage on hit. Light Attacks deal 100% Impact Damage, Heavy Attacks deal 130% Impact Damage, and Charged Heavy Attacks deal 170% Impact Damage.

In this guide, we'll go over the Warhammer Mastery trees, recommended skills for different scenarios, and tips on how to optimize your Warhammer use.

Championship trees

The Warhammer mastery trees consist of Juggernaut and Crowd crusher.


The Juggernaut tree focuses on armor penetration and hard hits. The three active skills in this tree are armor Breaker, Mighty Hammer, and Wrecking ball. There is no separate passive key for this tree, instead the Mighty Hammer skill can be further enhanced.

armor Breaker is a hard-hitting melee attack that penetrates a portion of your target's armor and deals increased weapon damage. As you progress on upgrading this skill, you will be able to add grain to the skill, making the attack unstoppable. The third upgrade to the armor Breaker adds a burst to the attack which will reduce your target's damage absorption by 15% for 10 seconds, and if the skill is fully upgraded you will gain increased damage against targets with full health, making this skill a very strong opener.

The basic skill in the Juggernaut tree is Mighty Hammer. Upon activation, you will jump into the air and crush the target, dealing high damage. The first skill upgrade is the performance component. Deal increased damage to targets below 30% health. As you progress in this skill, you gain increased endurance damage to your target and gain a rush that will increase your movement speed for a short time.

Juggernaut Tree does not have a key passive, but is instead replaced with an additional Mighty Hammer upgrade when the skill is fully upgraded. If you fully upgrade, you also gain a second attack that deals 200% weapon damage. By making it a powerful destructive ability. It is important to note that this upgrade works just like any other key passive skills, you will still need to unlock 10 skills in the tree before unlocking the last Mighty Hammer upgrade.

The third skill in the Juggernaut tree is Destructive ball. This ability hits the ground around the target and deals increased weapon damage. While this skill doesn't do as much damage as the other 2 in the tree, you'll also gain Fortification as a second Destructive ball upgrade. The buff will increase your damage resistance for a short time. The last upgrade will allow you to knock down enemies within 1.5 meters of your target.

The rest of the passives in the Juggernaut tree focus on extra armor penetration, cooldown reduction, and increasing overall damage by adding things like hardness to heavy combat hammer attacks.

Crowd crusher

The Crowd crusher Tree has a strong focus on crowd control. The three active skills in this tree are Shock Wave, Get rid of, and Path of Destiny, and the key passive is After the shock.

The Shockwave ability is compatible with the gem taunts, making it useful when refueling. After activating the shockwave, you will hit the ground with the hammer and cause an earthquake with a radius of 3 meters. It will deal a little damage, but more importantly, it will cause all targets hit to be stunned briefly. The second upgrade of the skill will also weaken its targets that the skill is acting on. Debuffing will reduce the target's damage for a short time. After fully upgrading a skill, the radius of the shockwave will also be increased.

The Taunt Gem, along with an AoE and a debuff effect, make it a good choice to place as a Tank skill.

Get rid of is a skill that takes a wide swing and knocks back enemies along the swing path. It also deals slightly increased weapon damage. Upgrading this skill will provide a fortification that will increase your defense for 4 seconds for all allies within 6 meters of you. Upon further upgrading, you will also receive a reduced cooldown for Purge and receive a boost that will increase your movement speed for a short time.

The third skill in Crowd crusher Tree is Path of Destiny. When activated, you'll create a linear energy wave in front of you that deals a small amount of increased weapon damage to all targets along the wave path. It is a straight line in front of your character, not a radial AOE ability. After upgrading, the Path of Destiny will also disrupt all targets in its path.

The key passive skill in the Crowd crusher tree is called After the shock and it works well with the other skills in the tree. If you use Repercussion, your targets will also be slowed down each time they are hit with a different Crowd Control skill.

The rest of the passive skills in the tree focus on increasing mitigation, reducing debuffs, and reducing skill cooldowns.

Recommended roles and skills

The recommended role when using the Warhammer is the tank. While capable of dealing good damage, there are better DPS options when performing PvE actions. However, it can be used as a rear strap option for DPS if you want several utility options at your disposal. Recommended skills for Tank and PvP are below.


Recommended active abilities:

  • Shockwave
  • Get rid of
  • Destructive ball

Recommended passive skills:

  • The epitome of Boink
  • Hardened steel
  • Advantage in numbers
  • Revival
  • I can do this all day
  • Guarded sprint
  • Dominant sprint
  • Acceleration

Recommended passive key:

  • After the shock

The destructive ball will be taken to the Juggernaut Tree for an extra buff you'll get when upgrading your skills. This will increase your damage resistance for a short time, making you much more durable. Fully upgrading this skill is recommended.

Shockwave is a very strong tank skill. You'll use this skill to taunt and stun enemies, as well as weaken them, which will reduce the target's damage for a short time.

Cleansing is also undertaken to knock enemies off your healer and DPS, as well as provide your squad with fortifications, increasing their defense for a short time.
Key Passive After the shock is downloaded as an additional CC for your purposes.

The Passive Emblem of Boink and Hardened steel are primarily taken to enable you to specialize in the Destructive Ball activity skill on the Juggernaut Tree.

Other recommended passive abilities will increase your tankability, give you a small amount of self-healing, and help reduce the amount of time debuffs are active on your character.


The skills you take in PvP will really depend on the type of role you want to play when engaging in PvP as well as the other weapons you will be carrying.

During a siege, you may want to play more of a tank / support role with lots of crowd control to allow your team to capture points and deal more damage. This may also be true of Outpost Rush. The recommendations below are general recommendations for PvP with Warhammer, focusing on dealing damage.

Check out our construction page for more detailed configurations that may suit your playstyle depending on what activity you engage in.

Recommended active abilities:

  • armor Breaker
  • Mighty Hammer
  • Shockwave

Recommended passive skills:

  • The epitome of Boink
  • Exhausting attacks
  • Hammer time
  • Contempt
  • Power through pain
  • Hardened steel
  • Advantage in numbers

Recommended passive key:

  • Justice for all

The armor Breaker should be fully upgraded and used as an opener in combat to deal increased damage to targets with full health. This will be a powerful damage opener, and will also cause a short-term tear on subsequent attacks.

Shockwave is mainly taken for the area of ​​effect stun and should be fully upgraded to gain the benefit of weakening the target as well as gain a larger area of ​​effect making the skill more forgiving to use.

Mighty Hammer is a very powerful damage-dealing skill and can act as an execution on targets below 30% health when upgraded. It is recommended that this skill be fully upgraded to receive the full damage potential of the skill. When fully upgraded, this skill will deal a lot of damage to your opponent. You will also gain haste which will increase your movement speed for a short time.

Open with the armor breaker, stun with the shockwave and crush your opponent with your mighty hammer for tons of damage.

The passive taken focuses on increasing overall damage, and the 1st passive in the Crowd crusher tree is taken to increase overall mitigation.