the bow deals draft damage, with a short draw dealing 100% of draft damage and a long draw dealing 170% of draft damage

In this guide, we'll cover archery trees, recommended skills for different scenarios, and tips on how to optimize your bow.

Championship trees

Bow mastery trees consist of Skirmisher and hunter


The Skirmisher tree focuses on dealing AoE damage and stuffing the target. There are a few slowdowns in the tree to aid in cementing the target as well as an ability that creates a distance between you and the target. The three active skills in this tree are Poison Shot, Evasive shot, and Arrow Rain. The passive key in this tree is called Knee shot.

Poison shot is both AOE and DoT. When hitting a target with this skill or hitting the ground, a poison cloud is created. Any enemy that enters the cloud will be poisoned and take damage over time. When this skill is upgraded, you will take more DoT damage and deal 200% more damage to your target if you hit them directly.

Another skill in the skill tree is Evasive shot. This skill is very effective in helping to kite a target. This skill will allow you to jump away from the target and fire an arrow that deals increased weapon damage. As you upgrade this skill, you will also be able to reject your target, further enhancing your kitesurfing abilities and gain a rush. Acceleration is a movement speed bonus that will also increase your kitesurfing abilities.

The last skill in this tree is the rain of arrows. Arrow Rain is an AoE skill that fires a series of arrows 7 meters wide that deal increased weapon damage. As you progress in this skill you'll also increase Arrow Rain to deal DoT damage as Bleeding. The last skill upgrade also applies a slow slow for a short time to anyone caught in the storm of arrows.

The passive key in this tree is called Knee shot. This passive allows each shot to the leg to slow the target by 10%.

The rest of the passive abilities in the Skirmisher tree increase your kitesurfing abilities, providing additional slows and bonuses to movement speed, as well as increasing damage.

Note here that slowdowns are considered weaknesses in the New World. So a passive skill like Rating that deals 10% more damage to enemies suffering from Debuff means you will take 10% more damage to your slowed enemies.


The Tree of hunters focuses more on precise shooting, rewarding you even more for hitting headshots and long-range shots. The three active abilities in this tree are Quick shot, Piercing Shot, and Splinter Shot. The key passive in this tree is Shock.

Quick Shot allows you to fire 3 quick shots at the target. The first and second arrows deal 100% weapon damage, and the last arrow deals increased weapon damage and knocks back your target. When you upgrade this skill you will get a big quick shot cooldown reduction if you fire all 3 arrows and the skill's third shot has even more damage, making it a strong single target skill.

Another skill in the tree is Penetrating Shot. Piercing shot deals increased weapon damage, passes through the target and travels an additional 100 meters. It will damage all other targets in the line behind the first target. When upgrading your skills, you will also receive increased damage with each hit and increased damage for targets 20 yards or more away.

The last skill of the hunter tree is Splinter Shot. The splinter fires an arrow and when it reaches a distance of 10 meters, it breaks into 3 shots, dealing half the damage. When you upgrade a skill it will increase the number of arrows that splash to 5 arrows and the cooldown of the skill will be reduced for each shot hit.

Passive keys, Shock, reward you for hitting the head. You will deal increased damage and have a chance to recover the arrow.

Recommended roles and skills

The recommended role when using the bow is DPS. Recommended skills for DPS and some options for PvP are listed below.


Recommended active abilities:

  • Poison Shot
  • A rain of arrows
  • Quick shot

Recommended passive skills:

  • Avoidance tactics
  • Closing in
  • Long range
  • Finishing shot
  • Surprise attack
  • Eagle Eye
  • The goal is true
  • Opening Strike
  • Bull's-eye

Recommended passive key:

  • Shock

When fully upgraded, Poison Shot will allow you to deal good damage to a single target as well as place a poison cloud on a group of enemies. A poison cloud will poison enemies, dealing DoT damage.

Poison Shot in conjunction with A rain of arrows will allow you to deal both decent AoE damage and good damage over time. The rain of arrows when upgraded will do good AoE damage, apply bleeding to your targets, and slow them down, helping your healers and other DPS in the back lane.

The third active skill that can be picked up is quick shot. This is to increase a single target DPS by a good amount. This will help you burn enemies much faster.

The taken passive skills will significantly increase your overall damage. Slows and haste from the Skirmisher tree are not taken into account, as as DPS you will be focusing on maximizing damage with AOE, DoT and high single target damage as well as light and heavy bow shots.

The passive key you'll want to take in order to get maximum DPS is Shock. This will greatly increase your DPS when shooting heads at your enemies.


The skills you take in PvP will really depend on the type of role you want to play when engaging in PvP as well as the other weapons you will be carrying. The skills you take can also vary considerably depending on the type of PvP you engage in. For example, Siege, open-world PvP, 1vXing, etc.

The recommendation below is just one example of how you can tailor your build to suit your activity and playstyle. The following skills would be appropriate for small-scale open-world PvP.

For more information on specific builds for specific situations, see our builds section.

Recommended active abilities:

  • Poison Shot
  • Evasive shot
  • Quick shot

Recommended passive skills:

  • Break
  • Dodge and weave
  • Rating
  • Avoidance tactics
  • Closing in
  • The speed of the archer
  • Long range
  • Finishing shot

Recommended passive key:

  • Knee shot

This particular skill set is great for priming and keeping an enemy at bay, applying pressure with DoT, and delivering powerful shots with a quick shot.

Poison Shot will be upgraded to deal significantly more damage to single targets in addition to applying DoT to the target.

Evasive Shot is a very effective skill that helps you fly on a target by slowing down and increasing movement speed. This will help you create space to fire a quick shot and deal considerable damage.

A key passive knee shot is made to further enhance your kitesurfing skills so you can fire more distance shots at your target.

The remaining passive skills will increase your kitesurfing skills, giving you more options to slow down your target and increase your movement speed. As mentioned earlier, slows are considered nerfs in the New World, so a passive Sign will help increase your damage when you throw an enemy into the air with slows you apply.

This skill set will allow you to fly the enemy in the open world and deal a lot of damage to your target. The idea is to keep them slowed down and away so you can still shoot your bow.