The two skill trees for the Life Staff are the Healing Trees and the Defender.


This skill tree focuses on sake, or healing. The main healing skill in this tree is Divine Embrace. This is a single target heal that deals 150% weapon damage which transforms into chain healing if allies in the area are below 50% health. Sacred Ground is an area treatment over time that restores 10% weapon damage every second for 12 seconds. When upgraded, it also increases the rate of mana regeneration and stamina of allies by 100%, and increases healing received by 30%. Splash of Light is the third active skill in the healing tree and is a group healing with some built-in sustain with the Shared Recovery upgrade. The main strength of Splash of Light comes from the Purify upgrade. This allows Splash of Light to remove a debuff from any ally it heals. Even though it was nerfed in the June update, Splash of Light is a good skill in the healer's arsenal.

Most of the passives in the Healing: Healing Tree are focused on turning your heavy attack into a support machine. Absolved makes your light and heavy attacks slow to cast. Blissful Touch allows you to "attack" allies to heal them for 20% weapon damage. One of the best passives in the Healing: Healing Tree is Mending Touch. Mending Touch allows your Heavy Attack to remove all debuffs from your allies when hit. The most important point in the Healing: Healing Tree is the Passive Desperation Speed. This skill allows you to stack healing effects over time, including Beacon and Sacred Ground!

The key passive in the Healing: Healing tree is Divine Blessing, which provides a 30% healing increase to allies below 50%.


The Defender's skill tree focuses on buffing allies. The first skill is Orb of Protection, which is an attack / heal projectile that provides 15% fortification buff for 20 seconds and grants little healing over time. It is an aimed shot, so it requires a certain degree of accuracy. But if you land a ball, you also get a Fortification Boost and can grant a Fortification Boost to allies that surround the ally hit. Beacon is also a projectile skill that creates an area of ​​effect that heals allies for 20% weapon damage over 10 seconds. When upgraded, AOE also applies a 20% Haste buff to allies in an area for 30 seconds, and also increases size and time. The last skill in the Protector Tree is Lights Embrace, a quick heal that scales with the amount of buffs applied to the selected ally.

Protector tree passives share the same theme, giving you greater benefits when applying buffs and improving healing when attacking empowered allies. Touch Protectors is a powerful passive defensive ability that grants you a buff when you land light to heavy attacks with the Staff of Life. Protectors Touch pairs well with passive ambient light and heavy attacks in the healing tree (Absolution, Mending Touch, and Blissful Touch). It also pairs well with another passive in the Defender Tree, Defender Strength. This passive ability allows you to heal 10% more if you have a buff.

The key passive in the defenders tree is Zoom. The magnification ties directly to Embrace of Light, extending the buffs of each ally healed by Embrace of Light by 2 seconds.

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Recommended Roles and Mastery Points Assignment

The three active skills you'll be using with this build are Sacred Earth, Embrace Lights, and Beacon.

Sacred ground is a powerful area heal over time that boosts all incoming healing on targets in an area area by 30%. This includes healing from the holy land itself. Holy Land also doubles the Stamina and Mana regeneration of allies in the area. This is the perfect solution to help the tank maintain blocking stamina and increase healing in the tank. This pairs well with the Light hug to not only keep the tank up, but also to give it an infinite reserve of stamina to block, as hugging Light also restores stamina. You can also drop it on yourself or the top Health DPS. Sacred Ground also pairs well with Spirits United. Together, they significantly improve mana regeneration and overall team upkeep. You can also just save your Holy Land from falling when serial healing is required during heavy damage phases as it increases healing received by as much as 30%. Everything around the Holy Earth is powerful area healing with a TON of usefulness.

Beacon is a projectile damage skill that heals AoE with each hit. You can also throw the lantern on the ground. Beacon upgrades greatly improve its size and durability, and also apply a haste bonus to people in the AOE area. Beacon is another good tank treatment that you can apply to a tank or an enemy or boss. This is good for fights that require a lot of mobility as the tank doesn't have to worry about staying in the AOE as it will most likely be attached to it or the enemy it is refueling. Stacking and Holy Land Combine into a crazy area treatment that can keep all members of your group in full health.

Your main healing ability for this configuration will be the Grasp of Light. This skill heals the target for 75% weapon damage + 30% more for each target buff. As discussed above, both of your other abilities apply buffs to allies while standing in the area of ​​effect. Spirited Ground and Sacred Protection (increases base health of all group members by 10%) also count as target buffs. They help God Embrace heal very easily from 75% weapon damage to 165 or even 195% weapon damage. With decent focus, embracing the light can heal 3000-4000 life with a 4 second cooldown and only cost 15 mana. After upgrading the light in parentheses, they can restore the target to 25 hit points (as mentioned above). It can also help maintain active buffs on your group members by extending life staff buffs by 2 seconds each time you heal a party member with active buffs.

Some of the key transitions for this setup are your light and heavy attacks costing zero mana and turning them into tools that will improve your support. Mending Touch Turn your heavy attack into a cleanse that removes all buffs when you hit an ally. Blissful Touch transforms your light attack into free healing that heals allies for 20% weapon damage when you hit them. The crease light will make you descend from the defenders tree and can provide a strong healing boost (20% more) after dodging. You will probably spend the last Mastery Point spent on Boost, which gives you 10% Healing: Healing Boost for each Heavy Attack. This stacks 3 times and is easy to maintain with full stacks as the buff lasts for 10 seconds. This also counts as a buff when you heal with Embrace of Light. Another good choice is Desperate Speed, but it's easily outclassed by Intensify with a little bit of preparation as Desperate Speed ​​is a little too reactive, only giving you an advantage if you let a teammate go below 50%.


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