New World offers its players a wide variety of consumables to complement its in-depth crafting system. Here's a quick guide to the types of consumables available in New World.

  • FOOD - Food is the main way to restore health, mana, and stamina in the New World. Food can also increase your base stats of your choosing. There are also karma for trading skills that increase both gathering and crafting. Food can be stolen or produced by the cook's profession.
  • potions - these are the classic varieties of health, stamina and mana potions, potions of regeneration and potions that heal ailments such as smoking and poison. There are also potions that can increase harvesting and crafting efficiency. This group of consumables includes weapon coatings and tinctures. Weapon shells can give you an offensive bonus for a certain type of enemy. Tinctures increase defense against a type of damage. Most potions are crafted in the Arcana profession, though some are crafted by engineers.

  • SHARPENING STONES and INCENSE - These are powerful single-use items that can increase your ability to deal or take damage. Smoothing Stones are crafted by the blacksmith's profession and are used to increase overall weapon damage. Incense is crafted by the furniture profession and increases your resistance to damage from all sources.
  • DYES - used to dye clothing or armor. The dye can be obtained through basic crafting, purchased from faction representatives, and plundered in the open world.
  • BAIT - These consumables are used in the fishing profession to increase the chance of catching a larger fish. The lure is available in both salt and fresh water versions. You can get bait or craft it by working as a cook.
  • Tuning Orbs - Tuning Orbs grant access to Expeditions and Arena and can be obtained by dropping and are crafted in the Masonry profession.
  • REPAIR KITS - Crafted items that can fully repair each piece of equipment of the appropriate tier.
  • AMMUNITION - Arrows and cartridges. These consumables are required to use both the bow and musket and are crafted by the engineering profession.