New World Items Database

Spear Soulforged Spear


Tier: V


Gear Score (min): 500

Gear Score (max): 600

70 Damage

5% Critical Hit Chance

1.30 Critical Damage Multiplier

48 Block Stamina Damage

48 Stagger Damage

23 Block Stability

9.6 Weight

3000 Durability

Bind On Pickup

Named Item

Can be crafted

"How many countless souls were stolen by this weapon and damned to a torment worse than death?"

Empty Gem Socket : An empty socket for a gem.

Dexterity +30

Enfeebling Skewer : Skewer hits apply Weaken, reducing target's damage by 13.09% for $13.09 seconds.

Keen Speed : On Critical: gain 0.00% Haste $0.00s. (Cooldown $0.00s.)

Vicious : +9.82% critical damage.