New World Items Database

Rapier Voidbringer's Rapier


Tier: V


Gear Score (min): 500

Gear Score (max): 600

61 Damage

5% Critical Hit Chance

1.40 Critical Damage Multiplier

32 Block Stamina Damage

32 Stagger Damage

15 Block Stability

4 Weight

3000 Durability

Bind On Pickup

Named Item

Can be crafted

"Let darkness into your heart and see the light."

Empty Gem Socket : An empty socket for a gem.

Dexterity +30

Keenly Jagged : On Crit: cause bleed that deals 7% weapon damage per second for 0.00s. ($0.00s cooldown.)

Leeching Flurry : Each hit of Flurry restores returns 21.82% of the damage as health.

Keen : +9.82% critical chance.