New World Items Database

Ice Gauntlet Crystalline Curse


Tier: V


Gear Score (min): 500

Gear Score (max): 600

56 Damage

3% Critical Hit Chance

1.30 Critical Damage Multiplier

44 Block Stamina Damage

44 Stagger Damage

30 Block Stability

4.8 Weight

3000 Durability

Bind On Pickup

Named Item

Can be crafted

"After she uttered the incantation, her lover turned to the clearest crystal anyone had seen."

Empty Gem Socket : An empty socket for a gem.

Enchanted : Light and Heavy attacks deal 5.45% more damage.

Intelligence +30

Refreshing Move : Light and Heavy attacks reduce your active weapon cooldowns by 2.18%.

Unending Thaw : Frost effects remains on enemies for 2 seconds after exiting Ice Storm.