New World Items Database

Fire Staff Meteor Trail


Tier: V


Gear Score (min): 500

Gear Score (max): 600

57 Damage

4% Critical Hit Chance

1.25 Critical Damage Multiplier

34 Block Stamina Damage

34 Stagger Damage

15 Block Stability

11.2 Weight

3000 Durability

Bind On Pickup

Named Item

Can be crafted

"The fiery trail of a meteor is pure. It is powerful."

Empty Gem Socket : An empty socket for a gem.

Intelligence +30

Siphoning Incinerate : Restore 8.73 mana per hit with Incinerate. ($8.73} hits max.)

Keenly Empowered : On Critical: gain 0.00% Empower $0.00s. (Cooldown $0.00s.)

Mortal Refreshment : When you kill something reduce all cooldowns by 0.00%. ($0.00s cooldown.)