Who are The Goonies?
The Goonies are an 18+  Syndicate group who play on the Xanadu server in NA East.   We started out as a very small group of close friends - and decided to let all who want a chill place to hang out and enjoy Aeternum join in on the fun.   We are definitely not hard core, we are a very laid back group who enjoy having fun. No hour commitments here (since most of us work full time, and have families). We have watched, and waited, for New World for what seems like an eternity.  From Alpha through Beta and now onto launch  - we are ready and excited to be back in Aeternum!

Who are we looking for?
We accept all kinds of new friends - want to only gather?  Come join us!  Want to spend your days PVP'ing?  That's great - come join us!  Just getting your feet wet in the world of MMO's?  We would love to have you!  Looking for friends to wander Aeternum with?  We play at all different times, and chances are someone will be online when you are - so come on in and join us!  I personally spent a full day just fishing in the Alpha - I find it super relaxing.  We don't believe in restricting anyone or giving you a list of rules that you have to play by in this game.  Just want to try us out and see if we are the best fit for you?  That's cool too - no hard feelings if we are not. 

So please - come on into our discord and say hello, let us know where you found us, and hang out for awhile (an admin will approve you fully shortly)!