Main Activity Time - 8PM-12PM PST

Company Orientation - PvX. Early will be heavy leveling and PvE, but as we get our builds together should switch to more World PvP.

Company purpose - Firstly, to have fun in a new game! We will be working with anyone in our company to share information, locations, builds, and helping each other with quests, region control, and PvP in general. We will be company first, other's later, mainly to make sure we all have the best time we can, and when we have time, help other's outside the company in regards of region control.

Rules -
1) Respect others. If someone says you are stepping on their toes, please refrain.
2) Have fun, and promote a fun environment.

We are recruiting, hop in the discord! On our purpose page, there will be a link to a questionnaire so we know what you want to do! )  You will be in a limited role on joining, sorry! It helps against spam!