TARBOS - Gaming community with a bias towards eSport (from ancient Greek τ峎ρβος - "horror, object of fear".) 
Our goals:
Create the strongest PvP (eSport) squad, in which players will be motivated by the prospect of entering the media and eSports space. (We expect the appearance of the PvP Arena and official tournaments in the NW)
Domination in PvP / PvE events on the server, it is very important for us that every person STRIKES to be a part of our community.
Implement a unique system of earning gold within the game (analogue of the Witcher orders).
"Skill has no age, show your enrage": We are confident that a team with a non-standard age bracket is able to show high game results.
We do not need DEAD souls, “Quality is more important than quantity, and this is the best financial solution” (Ref. 3) (Dollar flints, small!) © Steve Jobs.
What do we offer:
TARBOS is a new gaming community created on CBT NW by players from various projects from WoW to BnS. We are an extraordinary team where both experienced stuffy and novice hemp businessmen can find a place.
Leadership team with extensive CBT experience. (Sieges, Outpost Rush, Invasions, all PvE dungeons and northern locations) Each of us managed to take lvl 60 and study all the available content. // Wanked the board for 10 days //
A fair system of rewards within the community, the salary depends on your contribution (PvP / Crafting / PvE / Gathering resources - all are equally important).
Up-to-date databases of guides and useful info for ALL aspects of the game. "Who owns the information - he owns the world."  // Know the secret places of collecting Water //
Whom do we invite:
PvP players who want to constantly progress in their craft. (Daily PvP activities, tournaments, sieges)
PvE players, for farming dungeons, high-tech locations, World Bosses, clearing smoked rifts.
Players who want to be engaged in crafting, gathering resources or economics in the game market. // We invest all the money in Flint, there is infa from a knowledgeable person ... //