Our server in the EU is undecided at the moment and hope to decide it as a collective.
We welcome casual and Hardcore players.


Be active in game and in Discord
Speak Basic English when possible
Be respectful (Don't mind banter, without banter you ain't having fun)

Support and help others within the company

What can can offer:

Different Builds to suit your play style 
Tips and tricks
An opportunity to make new friends
Fair community where everyone contributes even leadership

Our aim:

To recruit 70+ members ready for launch
To have a highly active presence daily
Establish our company as one of the top companies of the server

Join our Company as we venture into this brave New World and dominate.
We are ready to take on this world one territory at a time from the shadows and on the frontlines.

We are Shadow Legion.

If you got any questions or would like to join our company, join our discord.
Discord: https://discord.gg/aSesDGFZz8