Pixel is recruiting!
We are the Pixel Trade Company. A social company focused on trade skills and trading. We seek like-minded players to help us shape and grow the company.
Gatherers, crafters, traders: Join us, and become part of something bigger!

No crafting? No worries! We are a PvX company, so we do more than that and everyone is welcome to join us!
We will have dedicated roles for defenders and any PvP leaders.

Our goals:
Every company has goals. We do too, but with just that little bit extra.
  • Owning and maintaining a single region from launch onwards.
  • Become a well-established and trusted trade network.
  • Expand on our non-toxic, low-drama and friendly community.
  • Earn more new world coins
  • Have fun!

Our standards:
  • We speak English.
  • We expect maturity, but only when it matters.
  • Event participation isn't mandatory, unless you sign up for it.
  • Coordination intensive content = voice required. 
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for toxicity.
  • Take your drama outside of the company.

About me:
I'm Lisa, I have played mmorpg's for many years, with most of my experience in ESO. I have a long history of raid and rated battleground leading. 
I've always found it important to maintain the balance between hardcore and just the right amount of casual. I don't force my members into dedication, I will let you choose it yourself. We all have a life, and I respect every contribution.

leave feedback, provide suggestions. Or just join our awesome ever growing community!
Or add me on Discord: Martin#6168