Who We Are

WE are The Dutch Marauders and together with you we want to start the biggest Dutch New-World Community and Company, as main faction we chose for the Marauders but we have something to offer for non-Marauder players as well!


We are creating a Dutch New World Community to bring together a huge group of people who love this game as much as we do. So even if you don’t want to be part of the Marauders you are free to join our discord and use our helpful channels with information about the game and other channels that will help your in-game experience.


About Our Founders

Me “Cherrygamer” and my companion “GingerMetSnor” are hyped from the start of the beta. Watched almost every piece of content about the game there is and put numerous hours into the beta. 


We both saw a lot of opportunity in the game and would love to make a huge Dutch community together with a lot of players.


What Style

Casual Company aimed to have a fun experience and try to conquer some land for our hometown. (We koloniseren de hele bende)

And together with the Company we want to become the biggest Dutch community on

New World.


The players range from very experienced MMORPG players to new starters in the genre who are just as hyped as we are.


What Region



What Server 

We played the Beta on Raedur (But we are still not 100% sure if the server names stay the same so it could be changed before launch)


Main Language

Dutch (Nederlands)


What Faction




PVX - Crafting - RP, Everyone is welcome!

We are casual players with a broad variety of experience in MMORPGs 


Who We Are Looking For.

We are looking for you!

People who love the game and would like to spend time with us playing it, having fun, meeting new people, having (late-night) conversations and socializing on the Discord server.


You don’t need any massive PvP skills or MMORPG experience. With a fun community we can always reach our goals.


Our Plans for The Game

After getting the company together on the first day we would like to jumpstart our way to claim a piece of land and from there on expand if possible. 


In-Game plans will never go as planned but even if we fail we’re still creating a big community who loves to spend time playing the game.


Company Rules

  • No Racism of Sexism
  • Respect each other
  • Remember it's all a game and we are here to have fun


Hyped?! Now it’s time to join us!