About Us:

 The New World Trading Company is a discord Company that wants to create a fair world and market for crafters in the server. Our motto is "Money knows no Faction" for a reason. There are no faction commitments. Fight for your favorite faction and do business with your favorite faction and ignore the one you don't like. As a crafter within the company you will have complete autonomy to do as you like while playing the game. All we want to do is provide a network for you to be able to sell your items and have a safe environment to do so. Let's track down those scammers and stop them. We are currently looking for Dedicated Crafters and Gatherers to join us on launch Day and become a large trade network that will be known across Aternum. Crafters Craft and Gatherers Gather. The purpose of the company is to provide a trade network that is trusted so you can find work and stay working as an artisan in Aternum. We even want to try to implement deliverers that we call Amazons.

What do we offer:

Member Program
The Member program is the way the company intends to make it's primary income by giving official members perks that non-members do not benefit from and being able to funnel many of the business deals that the company makes straight to official members! The planned member programs are listed below.
Buyer Members
Crafter Members

Anti-Scam System
We want our members to be safe while trading so we have a unique anti-scam system that is going to be implemented day one so that we make sure we can find scammers and make sure they are known in the community as such.

Mentor Program
Want to make money yourself? Not sure how? Let us teach you in our mentor program.
[Further details are being planned out.]
Rank System
The rank system is simply a way of showing how trusted a member is in the community based on sales and orders filled as well as reviews!!

Make your own money 
As a crafter make your own money the company takes 0g from you! The only money we take are donations and member fees!


Contact Us:

Discord: https://discord.gg/xRg84HMZNT