Greetings adventurers of Aeternum,

 My two friends and I will be starting a company on New World called “ManHunt” when the game launches. We will be playing on an EASTERN US SERVER to possibly accommodate EU players. We are in our early twenties and YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO JOIN. We want to cultivate a very specific company that is represented by interesting and high quality people(no resident-sleepers). Therefore this is not an open company and we have no intention on building the company on the basis of numbers. If we can not obtain more than 10 players that meet most of our standards, the company will cease to exist. Do not be mistaken, WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR CURRENT IN-GAME SKILL LEVEL WHEN THE GAME LAUNCHES OR HOW FAR YOU PROGRESSED IN THE BETA. We are in this for the long haul and individual improvement will certainly come as time passes. WE DO NOT KNOW WHICH FACTION WE WILL COMMIT TO YET. We will decide the faction we commit to once we are closer to launch and it will be discussed in pre-launch meetings. We will however expect a certain level of commitment from players and this will be evaluated when you are being interviewed. If you want to join ManHunt, send me a message on my discord, InstantDelivery#0970, and the soonest possible time w/ time zone so you can be interviewed. We will then confirm with you on discord if we can do your time or have to make changes.